You can find the full Secure Roll Classic & Compact Roller Garage Door Installation Manual here. This guide includes each step to take when installing your roller door. It is divided into eight tasks to follow with helpful imagery to aid your installation:

Alternatively, follow our step-by-step guide:

Roller Garage Door Installation Manual

Step 1 – Pre-installation Checks & Components

Measure all of the relevant widths and heights to ensure proper installation, check and verify all components are present, correct and damage-free.

Step 2 – Guide Channel Preparation & Fixing

Position guides ensure the guide channels are perpendicular to each other. Fix guides using appropriate screws and apply the covering buttons.

Step 3 – Box & Barrel Assembly

As the non-drive end of the barrel has an adjustable shaft, loosen the fixing bolt to allow the shaft to slide in and out of the motor barrel.  Once the motorbarrel is installed, tighten the motor plate and lock the shaft with a fixing bolt.    

Ensure that the manual override position on the motor is at the required point for either the internal manual override or the external manual override. Find here the installation instructions for the external manual override fitting of your roller garage door. 

The motor power lead should be positioned tightly against the endplate. Cable ties can be used to secure the lead.

Step 4 – Fixing of Frame

Slot end plate pegs into guides (fit 90° cover if ordered) ensuring there are no obstacles that may twist the guides or distort the fascia. Remember to fix the endplates into the wall, taking care when manoeuvring the door to avoid snapping them. 

Step 5 – Installation of Curtain

Unwrap the curtain and use the packaging to cover the barrel to protect the curtain. Lift the curtain and begin to unravel the curtain into the guides.

Fit the locking straps before the curtain is fully unravelled.  Blocks can be used between the frame for the curtain to rest on while securing the straps.  Ensure you use the 4.2mm x 9.5mm screws to secure the locking straps.  

Keep in mind that the “anti-lift effect” only works if the individual parts support one another and the upper roller shutter profile is pressed downwards.

Step 6 – Setting the Limits / Fitting Control Unit

Once the Self-locking straps are attached, proceed with setting up the control panel. You can find the installer’s instruction manual for the Teleco Aluroll Control Panel here. This helpful document gives you a full product description as well as a troubleshooting section to aid in your roller door installation process.

Information for installing the Genesis Remote Control Panel can be found in this PDF, which includes helpful images detailing all aspects of your remote control to keep in mind, including connection and set-up. If you need to change your Genesis key fob battery, this document will guide you through that process.

It includes sections on installation, preliminary check and initial start-up, transmitters memorization, transmitters deletion, time settings, other programming and technical specifications. 

Set the limits on the motor.

Step 7 – Installation of Lid & Overides

Put the front lid inside the horizontal channel of the backbox, manoeuvring it into the whole channel across the length, and allowing the lid to lie flat vertically down. Use screws or rivets to fix the lid in place.

Once you fix the front lid in place, it is time to discuss overrides. For the internal manual, override drill a hole for the override eye through the endplate and insert the override eye in the hold in the motor adjacent to the limit adjusters.  Tighten using the holding screw.  The External Manual override has specific detailed instructions. Low-level External manual override instructions can be found here.


Step 8 – Final Checks / Commissioning

Remove any protective plastic coverings from guides/slats/box.

Wipe curtain with a damp cloth.

Check electrical and operating equipment to ensure installed correctly.

If the door is fitted externally apply a bead of silicon around the box edge to prevent water ingress.

Refer to our page on how to fit a roller garage door for additional guidance to the installation process along with imagery to aid you.

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