We’ve put together step-by-step installation guides on how to install your sectional garage door. From springs to the door itself, here is an overview of what you need to know about each component of your sectional garage door.

Alutech Sectional Door Instructions

The first garage door installation manual we’ll cover is the Alutech Sectional door, starting with the standard installation of the Alutech front torsion. 


In the PDF “Alutech Front Torsion Instructions - Standard Installation” you will find both general information as well as safety measures, requirements for openings prepared for door installation and rules for installing the door frame and tracking system. This installation guide will also walk you through methods of drilling for door fixings, advice for the door’s installation process along with final inspection and testing of the door after having completed the installation. Step-by-step imagery is provided in this guide, alongside an installation manual of the wicket door.


Moving onto springs, this page on Alutech side springs installation will give you the necessary instructions for your sectional garage door with side springs. Alongside the general information and safety measures, you will also find what requirements your openings must comply with and the rules for installing the door frame and tracking system. Recommend methods of drilling for door fixings and a guide of every step of the door installation process is outlined. After having completed the installation, the spring installation manual will describe the ideal testing and final inspection process your door should be subject to. Detailed images are included as well.


For garages with low headroom, the Alutech low installation instructions document is what you need. This manual guides you through the correct mounting of sectional doors. The requirements concerning door installation are all explained alongside procedures detailed in the pictures in sequence to perform a technically correct installation. Among other aspects, the low headroom instructions guide will inform you of the ideal type of fixings based on the material construction of the walls.


We’ve also gathered the built-in mounting instruction for doors series Trend in the file “Alutech Built-In Mounting Instructions - Trend Reveal Fitting”. The helpful visual guides will aid you through the installation process.


For guidance regarding the assembly and operation manual of your Levitago operator, take a look at this PDF “Alutech Levigato Operator Instructions And Manual”. This manual contains important information concerning general warnings and safety rules in addition to product descriptions and imagery concerning the installation. Furthermore, you will find directions on preparation for assembly, mounting, electrical interfaces, adjustment, testing and commissioning, operation, troubleshooting, storage, transportation and disposal. Towards the end of the guide Information on warranty obligation and repairs during the warranty period is provided.


Hormann Sectional Door Instructions

The next garage door installation guide refers to Hormann Sectional Doors, starting with instructions regarding the Hormann springs installation. 

Hormann Springs Installation Instructions

On the page ”Hormann Z Springs Installation Instructions” you will find visual instructions for fitting, operating, maintaining and dismantling your Hormann Z springs. 


For Hormann N springs, refer to the document “Hormann N Springs Installation Instructions” for images that guide you through each step of instalment, operation, maintenance and dismantlement of your springs.


Similar to the above, the Hormann L Springs Installation Instructions PDF visually represents the 15 steps that take to install your L Springs by Hormann. It includes an initial outline of the parts supplied required to install your springs and helpful imagery of what extra precautions you must take.

Hormann Operator Instructions

On the Hormann Promatic 4 Operator Installation Instructions page you will find the instructions for fitting, operating and maintenance your Promatic 4 garage door operator. This complete instructional guide includes safety instructions for each phase of the process along with your operator’s functions, information on the Hand transmitter HSE 4 BiSecur and radio receiver. 


The instructions for the Hormann Supramatic E Operator can be found on the document “Hormann Supramatic E Operator Installation Instructions”. The contents of this document include a list of supplied items and required tools for installation, as well as important notes, installation instructions for this garage door operator and accessories, and how to put the operator into service. Further down you will find important notes on the use of the hand transmitter and information regarding function selection, special messages, error messages and warnings, in addition to guidance for dismantling your Supramatic E Operator.

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