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  • Ease of operation via remote control

  • High-security secondary locking deters would-be thieves

  • Variety of maintenance free colours

  • Free delivery across the UK

  • Enhanced security by fitting behind the brick piers eliminating gaps at the side of the door

  • By operating vertically Sectional garage doors don’t swing out like a traditional garage door, saving driveway space and room inside the garage

  • Drafts are almost eliminated by having heavy duty twin side guides, and a rubber strip on the bottom of the garage door

  • All our garage doors are insulated to help keep heat in and cold out

Alutech Trend Insulated Sectional Doors

Alutech Trend Insulated Sectional Doors

Hormann Insulated Sectional Doors

Hormann Insulated Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling.  Designed to save space and make full use of the space inside and in front of your garage.

Reliable and safe, insulated sectional doors ensure comfort and convenience with a wide choice of both modern and traditional designs and colours to compliment any style of property. Bespoke RAL colours are also available.

The Hormann range of sectional doors is a true promise of quality. The ultimate sectional garage door with design, advanced technology and thermal properties. A family owned company, Hormann have over 80 years of experience in garage door and operator construction. Manufactured in Germany, all sectional garage doors and components are developed and manufactured by Hormann and tested and certified by independent recognised institutes to ensure your safety.

The Hormann double skin Renomatic and LPU42 ranges are a popular choice and particularly recommended for integral garages and offer very good thermal insulation. The LPU 67 Thermo offers modern construction and excellent insulation. Hormann offers a wicket door within a sectional door, allowing easy access to whatever you have in your garage without opening the garage door. Matching side doors are also available for a co-ordinated finish to your home. 

The Alutech Trend insulated sectional door is manufactured in Germany and Belarus.  A 40mm insulated sandwich panel, the door leaf can withstand the harshest environments and has unique anti-corrosion properties. Available in a variety of styles and a comprehensive range of standard colours, as well as tailor-made RAL colours. The Trend door offers safe, practical and price competitiveness with no compromise on quality. 

The Alutech Prestige 45mm sandwich panel doors are a product of unique design and have advanced thermal insulation, greater durability and corrosion resistance. Digital printing for the Alutech Prestige doors is now available in Wood and Natural Stone finishes and Theme prints for a truly custom-made door.

Find all information regarding DIY Sectional Garage Doors here. Due to the diverse range of sectional doors offered by Hormann and Alutech, please call our friendly sales team for a quote.