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Warmer and less draughty than an up and over door

All doors made to measure

Wide range of standard colours

Colour matched Guides and Box as standard

More secure than an up and over door

Quiet operation

Uncompromised Security at an Affordable Price

Experience the same robust security as electric roller doors without the added expense. Our manual roller garage doors are meticulously designed to offer top-tier protection for your garage or small building. The absence of complex electronic components doesn't compromise security; instead, it enhances reliability whilst keeping costs down.

How Does a Manual Roller Shutter Door Work?

A manual roller garage door works through a straightforward mechanism. It features horizontal slats hinged together, rolling up or down along vertical tracks. To open, you lift the door, which then coils around a barrel above the opening. This design is space-efficient and reliable, with no electrical components, ensuring smooth, consistent operation regardless of power availability. The door is spring-assisted, allowing you to easily lift up and pull down. 

Ideal for Power-Free Environments

Perfect for locations lacking electrical access, these doors ensure your garage's security isn't tethered to power availability. Whether it's a remote shed, a standalone garage, or a utility building, our manual doors provide the solution you need without the need for electrical installation.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our manual roller shutter garage doors are a budget-friendly alternative to electric remote-controlled options. They offer the same sleek design and durability but at a fraction of the cost. This makes them an excellent choice for those who seek efficiency and economy without sacrificing quality.

Unaffected by Power Outages

Never worry about power failures impacting your garage's accessibility. These manual doors guarantee consistent operation regardless of power supply issues, ensuring you always have access when you need it.

Customisable to Your Needs

We understand that every space is unique. That's why we offer the option of a box enclosure as an additional extra. If your setup doesn't require it, you can opt out, further reducing costs and tailoring the door to your specific requirements.

Trusted Manufacturer

Our manual roller garage doors are manufactured by Aluroll, a trusted brand that is well-established in the garage door industry. Aluroll stands as a prominent UK-based producer of premium roller garage doors and security shutters. Their products are exceptionally-made and reliable. That’s why we choose Aluroll.

Price Guide

Here are two example prices for our Aluroll insulated manual roller garage doors. However, each quote is dependent on the size of the door. Manual roller garage doors can be manufactured for openings as small as 900mm.

Please get in touch with us to get a quote for a manual roller garage door. 

55mm Insulated Manual Roller Door

From £725 including VAT and delivery - based on overall width including guides 1800mm x 2000mm overall height excluding box enclosure or £755 including full box enclosure

66mm Guides with brush strips

205mm x 205mm End Plates

Any colour in 55mm colour range

18 colours available

Colour matched guides as standard*

Colour matched box enclosure*

77mm Insulated Manual Roller Door

From £755 including VAT and delivery - based on overall width including guides 1800 mm x 2000mm overall height excluding box enclosure or £795 price including full box enclosure

70mm or 90mm Guides with brush strips

300mm x 300mm End Plates

20 colours available

Colour matched guides as standard



*Painted Woodgrain coloured doors come with Brown or White Guides on both 55mm and 77mm doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to install a manual garage door?

Any competent DIY-er can install a manual garage door. Our mostly pre-built, supply-only garage doors are designed to be installed yourself. We say installation time can typically take less than 2 hours.

How should I measure up for my manual garage door?

Please refer to the roller door measuring guide.

Can you open a manual garage door from the inside?

Yes, a manual garage door can be easily opened from the inside. Most manual doors have a handle or a cord that, when pulled, disengages the lock mechanism, allowing you to lift the door manually.

Do manual garage doors need springs?

Yes, manual garage doors typically use torsion or extension springs to balance the door's weight. These springs make it easier to lift the door manually and are crucial for smooth operation and safety.

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