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Roller Garage Doors

  • Fastest & Easiest Roller Garage Door to install on the market
  • Patented locking system for maximum security
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer
  • Superior long lasting finish - 10 year warranty
  • CE marked for Quality and Safety

Easy Fit insulated roller garage doors are manufactured from the highest quality German components from Alulux, regarded to be the premier manufacturer in Europe. The Easy Fit Roller garage door is then assembled here in the UK for Nationwide distribution.

All doors are safety tested, CE marked and comply with all European standards and directives.

Roller Garage Doors

Maximum sizes

Overview of an easyfit insulated roller garage door

(measured from the back of guides to top of end plates)

  • 77mm lath with 300mm end plate
    5400 wide x 3000 high
  • 77mm lath with 360mm end plate
    5400 wide x 3600 high
  • 55mm compact lath with 205mm end plate
    3200 wide x 2360 high



roller garage doors

EF77 twin-walled aluminium slat, insulated with CFC-free foam to reduce heat loss and sound transmission.

EF55 twin-walled aluminium slat, insulated with CFC-free foam to reduce heat loss and sound transmission (suitable for reduced headroom applications with 205 head space)

roller garage doors

Roller garage doors slats are held in place with high strength end locks.

For additional strength the Easy Fit door features a 77mm extruded aluminium bottom slat (thicker aluminium than a normal slat for enhanced security) which incorporates a 25mm rubber seal to help prevent water ingress and draughts


77mm x 19mm, manufactured from high grade aluminium for additional strength

55mm x 9mm for the compact lath manufactured in the same manner as the 77mm lath.

Paint Finish

Our unique 6 part paint finish, provides for a durable long lasting finish without corrosion. This carries a market beating 10 year guarantee.

Standard Colours

White, Brown, Blue, Black, Fir Green, Moss Green, Anthracite, Beige, Silver, Light Grey, Burgandy, Painted Rosewood, Painted Golden Oak, Painted Teak

Solid colours

Roller Garage Doors Colour Options

(laminated finish to provide a genuine woodgrain effect – ideal to match with UPVC double glazed unit of the same colour)

Golden Oak, Rosewood or Mahogany

Woodgrain colours

Vision option 

Optional polycarbonate glazed vision slats are available to allow natural light into the garage. Vision slats do not contain insulation.

Barrel and locking assembly

70mm octagonal barrel, providing greater strength for your roller garage doors than a traditional round barrel.

Attached to the top lath via our patented autolock. Security tested to lock the roller door in the closed position  more effectively than standard locking mechanisms.

On all 77mm lath doors over 3m wide a safety brake is provided as standard. This is a safety device that provides an anti fall back feature for the door and is compliant with all necessary EU legislation.

End plates

Heavy duty aluminium in either 300mm or 205mm for the compact version. Steel is used for the 300mm version when there is no hood option. The end plates have a lug that fits directly into the top for the guide for easy installation and security.


Manufactured by NRG, with its German origin, comes complete with a 5 year guarantee, and has easy to set limits.

Included within the system is an emergency manual winding handle, that can be used in the event of a power failure to open and close the door. Access to the inside of the garage is required to operate this function, if there is no access available please choose the external manual release as an option.

Remote control system

Manufactured by ANSA the standard remote control is a hold to run system, that allows you to stop and reverse the roller garage door if it were to close on an obstruction. A single channel remote control hand set is included.

Available as an option the standard remote control unit can be upgraded to include an additional transmitter, a courtesy light that comes on when the door opens, along with a push button mounted on the inside remote control panel, allowing you to open and close the door without the transmitter.

For further ease of operation an optical safety edge is available, allowing the roller garage door to be closed with the touch of a button, with the peace of mind that should the door close on an obstrruction it will stop and reverse. 2 transmitters, a light and push button are also included in this option.

Complete with its high security rolling code technology 4 button handset (which can control several doors from the same hand set), it can not be cloned and its integral cover stops it being mistakenly activated.
All options have been tested and are fully CE compliant.

Guide Rails


Extruded aluminium with dense brush strip insert for improved insulation, with additional neopream strip for ultimate draft protection


All roller garage doors are supplied with the heavy duty 90mm x 34 mm guide section. A 75mm guide is an option for doors up to 3.2m wide. 68mm guide is standard for compact doors

Standard colours

White or Brown Powder coated guide rails are supplied as standard.

Available in any plain colour finish at a surcharge.

Shutter Hood Box (optional)


Encloses the mechanism of the roller garage door, making it look more aesthetically pleasing, helping to further reduce drafts, and reducing dust and dirt getting into the mechanism.


Roll formed aluminium in either one or two sections. 90° facia, important if the door is reveal fit and the mechanism would otherwise be visible from the outside, and 45° back box to cover the inside of the mechanism.

Standard colours

White or Brown as standard.

All roller garage doors are available in any plain colour finish at a surcharge.

Installation Options

Side Guides

Internal face fix

The most popular type, where the guides are installed to the inside face of the brick piers either side of the opening. This method maximises space and security.

Reveal fix

A popular method of installation if side room is restricted inside the opening. The guides fit in between the brick piers. This reduces the drive through width by the width of the guides.

Half Reveal

A mixture of an internal face fix and a reveal fix.

External face fix

If internal space is restricted this method of fixing to the outside of the garage will solve the problem.

Head Fixing

Face fix

The most popular type of fix where the door will roll up above the opening, on the inside of the garage. Popular where maximising the opening height is important.

Reveal fix

Where internal head space is restricted the door will roll up under the lintel of the opening. Please note a fascia will be required for this option.

roller garage doors

For more details on our range of insulated roller garage doors, contact our friendly team on 01630 672 175