Product Information


The 77mm aluminium lath is manufactured from high grade twin walled aluminium with an advanced insulated foam core to reduce heat loss and sound transmission. Every other slat is held in place with high strength end locks.

The 55mm aluminium lath is manufactured in the same manner as the 77mm aluminium lath but is suitable for reduced headroom applications with either 205mm or 250mm endplates.

End Plates

Heavy duty aluminium end plates have a lug which fits directly into the top section of the guide for easy installation and security. 300mm for the 77mm lath door. 205mm or 250mm end plates for the 55mm lath door.

Safety, Security and Strength

Garage door security is intrinsic for us at EasyFit. The strong steel barrel is connected to the curtain using a patented anti-lift locking system. This prevents the door from being forced open from below.

Garage door security would not be complete without deep guides. We use 90mm guides on all of the 77mm lath roller doors, much deeper than the standard 70mm guides offered on other makes of roller door and include brush strips to reduce draught and ensure smooth operation of the curtain. A smaller 70mm guide is available if side room is restricted.

The 77mm Classic roller door is also an approved Secured by Design roller door*. Secured by Design is a nationally recognised UK Police Flagship initiative dedicated to designing out crime. It is widely recognised as an indication of security and quality.  *Face fix installation.

All SecureRoll 77mm lath doors include an integrated safety brake fitted to the end plate on the non-drive end of the barrel. This prevents the doors from dropping in the event of motor failure and ensures compliance with safety legislation.

Bottom Rail

The strong 77mm bottom slat is manufactured from tough extruded aluminium with a flexible rubber weather strip to minimise rain entering the garage.


High security extruded 90mm aluminium guides protect the door curtain from lateral attack and have in-built brush strips to reduce draughts and ensure smooth operation. Smaller 70mm guides can be used on single sized doors where there is restricted side room.


An NRG motor comes complete with a 5 year warranty and has easy to set limits.

Remote Control System Options

The standard door includes a Remote Control Hold to Close system. This allows you to control the closure of the door by press and holding the key fob button until the door reaches the floor. This control allows the operator to stop the door if there was an obstruction. This option includes two hand transmitters as standard and a push buttons on the remote control panel.

If you prefer the fully automatic, one touch remote control operation you have a choice of options to upgrade to include the Safety Edge.

Option 2 - Automatic Remote Control with Courtesy Light, Push Buttons, two Hand Transmitters with Wired Safety Edge.

Option 3 - Automatic Remote Control with Courtesy Light, Push Buttons, two Hand Transmitters with Wireless Safety Edge and Integrated Alarm. The alarm buzzer will sound if it senses excessive force being applied to the door.

Paint Finishes

The unique paint finish provides a long lasting durable finish without corrosion. Available in a large range of standard colours, painted woodgrains and woodgrain foil finishes. The 77mm Classic doors can be powder coated to any RAL or BS colour for a surcharge.

All guides and half/full hoods come colour matched to the curtain as standard in the solid colour finishes. Brown guides and box are offered as a complementary finish for the woodgrain finish doors.

Plain Finishes

Woodgrain Foil Finishes

Internal Manual Override

An internal manual override is included as standard provided there is another access into the garage. In the event of power failure the simple internally operated hand crank lets you wind the door up and down to keep your garage locked and maintain access.

External Manual Override

Required where there is no other access into the garage in the event of power failure. The external override and handle allows the door to be manually operated from outside and comes with a security lock.

Box To Cover The Roll

Available as an optional extra, the full box encloses the mechanism of the roll at the top of the door, making it look more aesthetically pleasing, but not always necessary from an operational point of view. The full hood is designed and manufactured in two halves with the Front Fascia Panel and Back Box making up the full box.

Front Half Box - the 90° Front Fascia Panel is required for a reveal installation to cover the mechanism at the top and the front. 

Back Box - the 45° Back Box covers the mechanism on the inside of the garage.

Vision Slats

Vision slats with polycarbonate infills are available as an optional extra if you require additional light to enter the garage.


CE Marked

All Secureroll doors are CE marked to indicate their compliance to safety directives and product safety standards. This shows they meet health, safety and environmental protective legislation.

Maximum Sizes (including guides and end plates)

77mm lath with 300mm x 300mm end plates
5500mm wide x 2750mm high

55mm lath with 205mm x 205mm end plates
3000mm wide x 2400mm high

55mm lath with 250mm x 250mm end plates
3000mm wide x 3000mm high

Manual Operation – Spring & Lock

If you are looking for a manually operated roller garage door, we can offer a Spring and Lock manual roller door. These are only available in smaller, single size options.

Key Switch

At EasyFit we offer flexibility to suit your own needs. If you would prefer an Electric Key Switch operated door rather than a remote control operation, please contact us to discuss and obtain a quote. A key switch can also be used in conjunction with remote control door.


Internal Wireless Push Button
The wireless push button is fitted inside of the garage, usually near to a pedestrian entrance to operate the door without the need for a hand transmitter.

Wireless Touch Numerical Key Pad

The externally mounted keypad allows you to choose your own code to open and close the door without the need for a hand transmitter. The key pad is only compatible with the remote control with Safety Edge.


Additional Transmitters
Additional hand transmitters are easy to programme to the remote control panel.

Threshold Strip
Add an extra special finishing touch with an aluminium threshold strip.

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