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All CarTeck sectional doors are made to measure to suit every opening size and type of installation.  The 40mm insulated panels comprise eight different layers which gives them extraordinary wear resistance and durability.  The CarTeck automatic has an insulated ‘U value’ of 1.38W/m2 K.

Panel styles consist of Solid Ribbed, Centre Ribbed, Standard Ribbed or Georgian and are available in a wide range of standard colours.  Doors can also be painted to any RAL colour for an additional surcharge.

Panels are available in a textured Woodgrain, Smooth, stucco or Micro Profile.

Bottom, side, top and inter-panel weather protection keeps out the element and lowers energy use.

The fixing frame comes as white as standard but can be colour matched to door panels.

Inbetween Fixing Bracket Kit is available for reveal fitting.  Colour matched between fix frame (No Holes) means there is no need to use additional cover profiles making this frame a cost effective and simplest solution for a reveal between fix installation.  No holes frames are available on all width of doors up to 2250mm high.  For doors over 2250mm high a standard frame and 3D profiles are available.

A variety of double glazed window options in attractive designs are available in scratch-resistant Polymer.  Window frames are coloured to be similar to the door panel and complementary flat colours are available for wood effect doors.  Bling windows with aluminium casement and Polymer glazing are also available.  Bespoke window configurations can be requested.

Standard door sizes can be manufactured up to 5500mm wide.  CarTeck super size sectional doors can be manufactured up to widths of 8000mm.

All doors and operators are independently tested and certified to all current safety legislation and carry a CE mark.

Side Doors are also available to match sectional doors. 

Paint Finishes


Wood Grain


Safety, Security and Strength

CarTeck’s springs are placed high up in top trays, concealed and enclosed, ensuring safety away from fingers.  The trays keep the springs in pristine condition ensuring long-term, smooth and quiet operation.

Springs are held by 4 cables as standard which means that should a cable fail three remain which is sufficient to close the door.

CarTeck’s operator adds a further layer of security.  If any attempt is made to force the door up, the motor engages and pushes back with a 60kg force.


Carteck’s drive operator is quiet and renowned for long-term reliability.  Doors and openers are independently test and certified to all current safety legislation and carry a CE mark.


The Operator’s safety circuits monitor force levels and if the door encounters an obstruction, it is instantly sensed and the operator stops and reverses a short distance.  


The CarTeck Drive operator uses a fixed chain which is much quieter than the conventional rotating belt design, perfect for garages under a bedroom.


The operator actively monitors the door and if any attempt is made to force the door up, the motor engages and pushes back with a 60kg force.


The Drive 500Nm operator is included as standard and comes with 2 hand transmitters.  The Drive Pro 500Nm, Drive 600Nm and Drive Pro 600Nm operators are also available with a variety of accessory packs.


Letter Boxes
Spy Holes
Pet Flaps

Drive 500Nm Operator:-
Additional Hand Transmitters
Wireless Wal Switch
Key Pad

Drive 600Nm Operator:-
Additional Hand Transmitters
Wireless Wall Switch
Key Pad
Battery Backup
Light Strip and Motion Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Alarm Buzzer

Smart Pack – Output module for smart home integration

Parking Pack – Laser sensor to guide parking position

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