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Hormann RenoMatic Sectional Door

The L-Rib door has the new smooth Planar surface finishes in 6 exclusive Matt deluxe colours and 3 Decocolour woodgrain finishes.

The M-Rib door has the woodgrain surface finish in a variety of standard colours and 3 Decocolour woodgrain finishes.

Double-skinned and insulated with 42mm thick panels.  The inside panels are supplied in silver-coloured galvanisation with protective paint.

Equipped with automatic door locking, the anti-lift kit ensures the door locks immediately and is secured against forced opening.

Available in sizes up to 5000mm wide x 3000mm high.  For bespoke made to measure sizes, cut down charges apply.

LPU 42 and LPU 67 Thermo Sectional Doors

Available in sizes up to 6000mm wide x 3000mm high.  For made to measure sizes, cut down charges apply.

The LPU 42, has 42mm thick insulated panels offering very good thermal insulation and is Secured by Design.

The LPU 67 Thermo has 67mm thick insulated panels, designed to offer the highest insulation value, offering excellent thermal insulation.

Available in a range of panels styles, the S-Rib, M-Rob, L-Rib and Panelled being the most popular.  The D-Rib and T-Rib are also available.

The woodgrain and smooth textured finishes are the most fashionable but Hormann offer finishes in Sandgrain, Decograin and Duragrain.

A range of 16 standard colours and Decograin finishes are available.    If you are looking for a more bespoke colour, Hormann can offer over 200 RAL colours.  

The configuration of panels ensures a harmonious overall appearance.  Hormann panels are distinguished by even, exact spacing of sections.  The height of the spaces between the individual panels are also even.

The fixing frame for an internal face fix installation comes as white as standard but can be colour matched to the standard colours or any Special RAL colour to match the door panels for a small surcharge.  As the standard fascia panel matches the door surface finish, it can be visibly mounted in the opening where there is restricted lintel space.  When the door is closed, the top door section is flush with the panel.

Due to all round seals between the door leaf and frame as well as the seals between the sections, virtually no rain can penetrate a closed door.  Due to a flexible bottom edge, an effective seal can be created even on uneven floors. 

Rain water runs off without leaving any marks due to the use of hot-galvanised material and a high-quality polyester-primer coating on both sides of the panels.

A non-brittle plastic frame shoe covers the frame where it is prone to rusting, so offers long term protection against corrosion.  

A Wicket door can be supplied within the LPU42 and LPU 67 Thermo sectional doors, allowing easy access to whatever you have in your garage without opening the garage door.   Matching side doors are also available for that co-ordinated finish to your home.

A wide variety of window options are available with individual arrangements to suit a traditional or modern look. 

Paint Finishes


Wood Grain

Safety, Security and Strength

The insulated panels are sandwiched inbetween 2 sheets of steel not just for insulation purposes but makes the door stronger and more rigid.

The anti-lift kit automatically engages in the operator boom’s stop then locks immediately and is secure against forced opening.

A safety feature recognises obstructions in the door’s path and stops the door.  

Torsion springs feature a patented spring safety device.  In the event of a spring breaking, they arrest the door immediately. 

Adjustable track rollers, sturdy roller holders and safety tracks ensure that there is no danger of the door derailing.

The unique form of the door sections eliminates trap points, both between the sections and on the hinges.

The frames are completely closed from top to bottom, so no gaps between the door leaf and the frame for fingers to become trapped.

An internal manual release is supplied as standard providing there is another entrance into the garage in the event of a power failure.

If you do not have a second entrance into your garage, in the event of a power failure, you can opt for either an external manual release lock or a beautifully designed handle.  The external manual release is an inconspicuous round cylinder which releases your garage door so you can easily open it in an emergency.


Sectional doors are supplied with the ProMatic operator and two hand transmitters.  The SupraMatic operator can also be supplied as an upgrade with low power consumption, LED lighting and two easy to program transmitters.


A variety of accessories are available, internal push button, key switch or external code switch.

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