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Garage Gym Weights

The Best Equipment For a Garage Gym

Posted by Tracey on 28 November 2018

You might be thinking of turning your garage into a garage gym as many people do. It’s an excellent way to use the space and working out at home can be more convenient, less time consuming and cheaper in the long run. In aid of this, we have put together our favourite items to start your own gym at home. We have selected all items from Amazon as it is convenient, and accessible everywhere. We hope you enjoy and let us know if there’s anything you would change!

Garage Gym Floor Mats1. Floor Mats

You may or may not need a floor mat for your garage gym, but if you have a concrete floor you may want to put some down so that it easier to work out. We have selected some floor matt tiles by Homegrace. These multi-purpose mats can be arranged however you wish around your exercise equipment. You can also buy as many as you need to fill the area you want to. For £27.89 you can get 64 square feet of tiles and considering the average garage is around 100 square feet this should be enough to position around your equipment.

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Garage Gym Pull-Up Bar2. Pull-Up and Dip Bar

One thing that we have included is a pull-up and dip bar. Many people like these in their garage gyms and we wanted to provide an option that was suitable for everyone. We have selected the adjustable pull-up bar by PullUp Fitness. This is a standalone system so you don’t have to drill into any walls or have a doorframe. It comes in red, white and orange and cost £64.99.

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Garage Gym Weight Bench3. Weight Bench

A weight bench is essential if you want to build muscle when using your garage gym and so we have selected a multi-purpose weight bench for a great price! This weight bench has facilities for leg extensions, preacher curls, chest press and chest flys. It’s multi-purpose, it folds into a smaller area, and you can have it all for £104.82. It’s worth noting that this won’t come with any weights so we will have to buy these separately, but this is still an essential for your garage gym.

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Garage Gym Weights4. Free Weights

Free weights are another essential piece of equipment for building muscle and you won’t be able to use the bench without them. You can’t have a garage gym without these. We have selected a multi-purpose set which should satisfy a beginner and intermediates. We have chosen the PROIRON set which can be used as dumbells or as a bar with the provided extension.

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Garage Gym Treadmill5. Treadmill

Need to get some more cardio machines into your garage gym? A treadmill is a perfect way to get a short run in without leaving the house. We selected a treadmill that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but gets you all you need for a great price. The Confidence Power Plus is a treadmill with only a speed setting which cuts out all of the useless things that a modern treadmill provides. It’s simple, efficient, small and only costs £99.99.

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Garage Gym Exercise Bike6. Exercise Bike

Our last piece of equipment is an exercise bike, another great piece of cardio equipment. We didn’t go for the cheapest option for this one as we think it’s worth a little bit extra for construction quality and aesthetic. We have chosen the iDeer Life as this provides everything you need for as low as £129.98. We’re sticking with our decision on this one as we hate plastic, poorly constructed exercise bikes. You want your garage gym to last!

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