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Our Space Saving Roller Garage Doors

Why Choose Our Space Saving Roller Garage Doors?

One of the best space saving roller garage doors on the market, our shutter box measures only 300mm. We have also managed to fit a 2 skin insulated door into this box. When you consider that most roller garage doors are around 400mm and only contain a single metal skin, why would choose anyone else?

Space Saving Roller Garage Doors Example

Our space saving roller garage doors are also the perfect solution for anyone with a small driveway, garage or limited space. They provide an efficient, low profile solution to the problem. They offer a sleek design with no tracks along your garage and a vertically descending door.

For those with small driveways, it allows you to park your car right up next to the door and not need any space for the door to open or close.


Installation Options

Our roller garage doors are extremely versatile as they allow you to instal the door in front, under or behind the lintel:


Space Saving Roller Garage Doors Fixing Examples

Internal Face Fix

We recommend the internal face fix as standard as this is the sleekest looking way to install your door. The unit is installed directly inside the garage opening. This option requires that you have sufficient headroom with your garage to install the unit.

Reveal Fix

This would be fitted in the garage opening. We recommend this when there is limited space inside the garage, but not for small openings. When fitted in small openings, the space saving roller garage doors decrease the drive through height.

External Face Fix

An external fix would be recommended to customers when there is not enough headroom in the garage, but you need to maximise drive through height. This is a key feature of our space saving roller garage doors for anyone trying to maximise their space, however, it may not be what all customers want aesthetically.


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