Product Warranty

Warranty Period

We guarantee that your Hormann sectional door will work reliably during its lifetime on the condition that the manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements set forth in the technical documents are fulfilled.


Meanwhile the manufacturer guarantees:

  • From the date of purchase, the purchaser receives a 10 (ten) year warranty on the safe function of the Hormann garage door. For replacement parts, the warranty is 6 (six) months, or at least the remainder of the warranty period.
  • From the date of purchase, the customer receives a 5 (five) year warranty on:
    • springs, cables, rollers, hinges, and return pulleys for garage doors used under normal conditions with max 10 (ten) door cycles (open/close) per day.
    • colour and UV resistance of the decor foil and the decor printing.


The warranty claim only applies in the country in which the Hormann garage door was purchased. The product must have been purchased through our authorised distribution channels. A claim under this warranty exists only for damage to the object of the contract itself.

A completely filled-in warranty card and proof of purchase with date substantiated your right to claim under the warranty.


For the term of the warranty, we shall rectify all defects of the Hormann products that can be demonstrably attributed to material or manufacturing defects. We shall replace the defective goods with defect-free goods at no charge, rectify the defects or compensate for loss in value according to our choice. We do not cover costs for disassembly and fitting or shipping costs. Replaced parts become our property.

Assessment of the colour changes of the decor foil/decor printing is done according to ISO 4582, grey scale ISO 105-A2 ≥ level 4 is permissible.

Excluded is damage by/to:

  • improper fitting, failure to arrange for cleaning and care
  • improper initial start-up and operation
  • negligent or intentional destruction
  • external influences such as fire, water, salts, alkali, acids, abnormal effects of the environment
  • mechanical damage caused by improper transport and fitting
  • priming and other surface protection
  • improper protective coating or coating applied too late
  • repairs conducted by unqualified persons
  • use of non-original parts without approval from the manufacturer
  • removal or defacing of the product number