Product Warranty

Warranty Period

We guarantee that your ALUTECH sectional door will work reliably during its lifetime on condition that the manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements set forth in the technical documents are fulfilled.


Meanwhile the manufacturer guarantees:

  • 10 (ten) year corrosion warranty from the date of installation* (but no more than 10 ½ year corrosion warranty from the date of production) against any rust-through of sandwich-panels, steel profiles of track and hanger systems, door components made of stainless steel and torsion shaft components (except for spring because its lifetime depends on the daily number of open/close cycles your door will undergo).
  • 5 (five) year corrosion warranty from the date of installation* (but no more than 5 ½ year corrosion warranty from the date of production) against any rust-through of top and bottom profiles and other component parts made of galvanised steel.
  • 2 (two) year warranty from the date of installation* (but no more than 2 ½ year warranty from the date of production) on door including certain component parts except for door operated in corrosive environment.

For automated door the warranty on electric drive is subject to terms and conditions specified by manufacturer of electric drive.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Our manufacturer’s warranty is subject to:

  • due door installation in accord with the installation manual done by trained personnel and
    authorized by manufacturer or manufacturer’s official representative,
  • adherence to the service regulations set forth in the manual of maintenance,
  • timely service as specified in the schedule of service work.

Our manufacturer’s warranty does not cover:

  • any damages and defects caused by natural wear and tear having regard to usage rate and
    operating conditions,
  • any mechanical damage caused by improper transport and fitting (scratch, worn spot, dent,
    paint chip etc.),
  • any damages and defects caused by external influences (fire, water, salts, acid, alkali, building
    blend and sealing material, anomalous weather conditions etc.),
    * as per record in the door passport
  • operation of door improperly installed when requirements in the installation manual and qualifying standards set for such work are failed to be maintained,
  • improper door operation,
  • defective door operation,
  • failure to comply with the requirements in the manual of maintenance, the schedule of service work and the safety plates on the door,
  • other cases of improper door operation and its rough handling.
  • unauthorized changes in the door design (unauthorized upgrades, changes in design feature etc.),
  • use of non-original component parts (non-recommended by manufacturer) for repairs and replacements,
  • removal or changing of the door number,
  • absence, failure to provide, improper condition or improper filling of the door passport.


For the term of the warranty the manufacturer shall guarantee proper operation of the door and
shall rectify any revealed hidden manufacturing defects.

If any hidden manufacturing defect is revealed during the warranty period the manufacturer
shall opt to:

  • replace the defective parts with defect-free parts at no charge;
  • rectify the defects or compensate the confirmed costs for rectifying defects;
  • satisfy the warrantyл in other way agreed with the client.

Replaced parts become the manufacturer’s property.
The manufacturer does not cover costs for disassembly and fitting or shipping costs.

Warranty proceeding

ALUTECH sectional doors are manufactured in conformity with strict quality standards and EU
safety standards.

Should you nevertheless have grounds for reclamation, please provide detailed information
including detailed description and pictures of defect and propose a solution to remedy a defect
in order to enable your claim under this warranty to be processed as quickly as possible.

Important: When applying your claim please provide the product number and copy of service
document (passport or service book with service checks.