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Sectional Garage Doors | Insulation

Why Choose EasyFit Sectional Garage Doors?

EasyFit doors are designed to withstand extreme heat, cold, rain and wind. Sectional garage doors are the superior option for weather protection and insulation, and EasyFit’s sectional garage doors outperform competitors.

Sectional Garage Doors


Independent Tests

Independent tests at the Rosenheim institute in Germany showed that EasyFit sectional garage doors outperformed rivals. Our doors scored an industry leading U value of 1,35 W/(m2K) so EasyFit doors insulate better.

Saving Money

What’s the best part about having great insulation? The answer; lower energy bills. You need to get the best out of your energy efficiency, and why choose anything other than EasyFit sectional garage doors.


Sectional Garage Door Seals

Our doors also have a unique sealing system which is fully adjustable by the installer. This makes sure that the door makes full contact with the seals, eliminating drafts. The seals, which eliminate cold breaks, come as standard on our doors and we don’t charge extra like some other manufacturers. These seals are placed on the side and bottom seals.

The bottom seal is a multi-chamber heavy duty rubber moulding formed from aerospace quality rubber polymer. Air pockets within the seal allow it to compress ensuring maximum insulation.

Sectional Garage Door Panels

Alutech sectional garage door panels are formed with high-density polyurethane insulation foam between a dual zinc coated steel outer skin. This design provides strength and rigidity allowing the fully installed door to achieve class 4 wind load resistance. The 40mm sandwich panel also provides equivalent thermal insulation to a 550mm brick wall.


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