Garage Door Safety

How Do We Ensure Garage Door Safety?

Garage door safety is an essential quality for all doors. You want to know you and your family are safe. Many safety features have been fitted to our doors so that no injuries occur. Here are a few of the features we install to keep you safe.
Wind Resistance:

Our doors conform to the European standards of safety and wind load resistance. This can be confirmed by the TÜV-certificate of CE marking and by test reports. They can withstand a wind load up to 450 Pa and can be installed in openings up to 5.92m wide and 3.8m high. Please note for larger sizes you may have to contact us directly for a quote.

The wind load protection is essential to protect you and your family if you are present in the garage during stormy weather.


Due to how easy it is to install our doors, safety is greatly improved. When you hire EasyFit to install your door you can rest easy knowing that a trained and certified professional has fitted it for you.
Safety Edge System:

One of the main worries when purchasing and using a garage door is if it closes on somebody. You don’t have to worry about this with EasyFit. Our doors are fitted with a safety edge system, which ensures that if the door is blocked by anything, it will reverse.


Garage Door Safety

Fitted within the rubber seal, this system makes sure that the door cannot cause damage to any vehicle, person or other objects that may be in its path. You don’t have to worry if you have pets, children, or an expensive car. This door cannot damage them. On top of that, our heavy doors are fitted with a spring brake. This stops a door in its tracks if it were to fall.

Stop worrying about you and your family and pets. Buy with confidence with EasyFit today!

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