Our products are manufactured to the highest standard. Listed below are a selection of the questions that we are often asked.

Please feel free to ask us any other questions.

How should I measure up for my new roller door?

Please see our measuring guide and use our self survey form.


Can I fit my new roller door myself?

Our roller doors are designed for DIY installation. A competent DIY’er with the necessary tools and experience will install a roller with ease.

Make an enquiry and instantly receive our Easy-Install video guide. Alternatively, take a look our installation instructions

What is the roller door specification?

Click here to take a look at the roller door specification

What are the space requirements for an internal face fix?

77mm lath doors
300mm x 300mm end plates/roll size
90mm guides as standard
70mm guides up to 2500mm wide if side room is restricted

55mm lath doors
205mm x 205mm end plates/roll size up to 2400mm overall height
250mm x 250mm end plates/roll size from 2400mm to 3000mm overall height
66mm guides

What are the power supply requirements?

The remote control unit is supplied with a normal 3 pin plug as standard, so will plug into a standard 13amp household socket. No specialist electrician work is necessary.

How do you open the door in the event of a power failure?

Assuming that you have another entry/exit to the garage door, an internal manual override/winding handle is included as standard.  This allows you to manually wind the door up and down, this will be done from the inside of the garage so there are no security issues.

If there is no other entry/exit then you will need to add an external manual override. This is a series of linkages on the inside from the motor and a bar that goes through the wall to the outside. This is provided with a security lock which can be removed to wind the door from the outside.

Do you charge for delivery?

Roller door delivery is free of charge to England and Wales.  Please contact us for delivery costs to Scotland and other offshore locations.

How long does it take to deliver?

Delivery is up to 10 – 15 days from confirmation of the order.

What are your delivery requirements?

We will contact you 24 hours before the planned delivery day. The driver will require assistance to unload your door, it is your responsibility to do this. If the driver is unable to deliver the door because you are not there on the planned date then an additional charge may be made to re-deliver.

If you are arranging for your own installation via an independent installer, we would recommend that the installation date is planned after you receive the door rather than the delivery date itself. 

What is the guarantee on the door?
  • 5 years warranty on the lath against colour fade
  • 5 years on the motor
  • 2 years on the control panel

If we install the roller door for you, the installation is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of installation.

Click here for full warranty details

How do I get a professional installation cost?

You can either call us for an installation cost or select the professional installation option on the quote system and we will call you to confirm an installation cost.

Still not sure? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.