Included in Easy Roll - EasyFit Garage Doors
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Included in EasyRoll

Included in EasyRoll
Aluminium foam filled slat in a choice of 22 standard colours Yes
LPCB and Secured by design approval on Easy Roll plus Yes
Doors are delivered by our own transport minising risk of damage through mis handling Yes
2 year warranty on the NRG Teleco control panel Yes
10 year warranty on all finishes, not just laminated Yes
5 Year warranty on the tube motor Yes
Packed in bubble wrap, polystyrene and cardboard to reduce potential of damage Yes
Chamfered Lath ensuring that water runs off and results in lower likelihood of marking on curtain Yes
Double ribbed design Yes
High strength end locks used to keep slats together, this is tested to insurance standards for security, and rolls up more tightly saving headroon Yes
The security is enhanced as each slat is secured in place and cannot be slid out in the event of burglary Yes
Patented end locks offer the quietest opening door, as they are cushioned when opening Yes
Curtain available in laminated wood effect finishes Yes
Where wood effect is used, extruded bottom slats have the same film applied to match Yes
Also available with a 55mm profile on the Compact version for low headroom requirements (205mm) Yes

Side Guide Rails

Included in EasyRoll
Heavy duty 90mm guides used as standard (provde greater security than 75mm guides) Yes
75mm guides available for restricted side room doors up to 3m wide Yes
66mm guides for compact door with 205mm headroom Yes
White or brown as standard (other colours available) Yes
Deep brush pile and neopreme insert on 90mm guide offers quieter operation and better insulation Yes
Guide roller at top of guide rail, that will guide the curtain into the guide rail, making a smoother and quieter operation Yes
Heavy duty guides improve security and longevity Yes

End plates

Included in EasyRoll
Galvanised steel end plates making installation easier and end plates more secure (when used without hood) Yes
Incorporates “u cup” for ocatagonal plate to secure barrel making installation easier Yes
Can be powder coated to match guides/curtain Yes
Available in 300mm or 360mm versions Yes
Compact version offers 205mm endplate for low headroom requirements Yes
Incorporate patented autolocking system for unique security systems (look out for poor imitations) Yes
Available with half box or full box Yes


Included in EasyRoll
70mm octagonal barrel used on all sizes of doors giving extra rigidity and therefore security Yes
Extruded aluminium locking attachments secure locking system to the curtain and barrel Yes
Locking systems if approved by insurance companies and is the same as that tested by the LPCB Yes
Nylon collars around the barrel protect the door curtain and make for quieter operation Yes
Locking system directly locks the shutter closed minimising the risk of “lift up” attacks to the door Yes
Barrel asembly comes pre manufactured saving a significant amount of time installing the door Yes

Easyroll Operation

Included in EasyRoll
Remote control operation with optional integral light and two transmitters Yes
Multi Channel Transmitters for two or more doors Yes
Upgrade Receiver unit includes push button control Yes
Optional Safety Edge  system detects obstructions when the door is closing complying with current legislation Yes
With larger doors an antifall device is included to comply with legslation (all 77mm lath doors) Yes
Alarm option available Yes
Internal manual override is supplied as standard Yes
External manual override is supplied as an option Yes
Manual door uses rolling brackets to ensure smooth linear operation Yes

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