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Product Overview

White Sectional Garage Doors - EasyFit


Roller garage doors and Sectional Garage doors are both considered to be the modern alternative to the traditional up and over garage door.

Both Roller garage doors and Sectional garage doors offer the following features:

  • Ease of operation via remote control
  • Enhanced security by fitting behind the brick piers eliminating gaps at the side of the door
  • High-security secondary locking deters would-be thieves
  • By operating vertically Roller and Sectional garage doors don’t swing out like a traditional garage door, saving driveway space and room inside the garage
  • Drafts are almost eliminated by having heavy duty twin side guides, and a rubber strip on the bottom of the garage door
  • All our garage doors are insulated to help keep heat in and cold out
  • Variety of maintenance free colours
  • Free delivery across the UK

For more details on our range of insulated roller garage doors, contact our friendly team on 01630 672 175