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Long Lasting Sectional Garage Door

Why Choose an EasyFit Sectional Garage Door?

The dual zinc coated steel skins of the sectional garage door panels are filled with high-density polyurethane foam. The strength and durability this creates means the doors last much longer than many rivals.

Sectional Garage Door



The outside panels are finished with industrial grade PUR-PA polyurethane paint, the best quality painting process of any major manufacturer. This extraordinarily resilient surface will withstand minor bumps and scrapes better than the cheaper paints used by other manufacturers.


Spring System

EasyFit sectional garage doors are balanced by a one of a kind spring system. Our springs are coated in a protective lacquer and precision engineered from high-grade tensile steel. Quality control and state of the art engineering systems allow EasyFit to produce a higher quality spring than other leading sectional garage door manufacturers.


Sectional garage door brackets can be a weak point for any manufacturer. Ball race bearings within the roller door wheels reduce friction and increase the lifespan of the brackets. This produces a smooth, quiet door cycle. Other sectional door manufacturers use a simple solid plastic wheel which is prone to rattling and bumping its way through the tracks putting additional strain on the fixings.

The roller wheel spindles are enclosed in specially designed castings and are fully contained. This unique design feature ensures the wheel can never separate from the bracket, a common fault after years of use with some other manufacturer’s doors.

These wheels run in a dual track system formed of a single sheet of high strength steel. Unlike other manufacturers tracks formed of separate track sections braced together this design ensures the tracks themselves will last longer and therefore retain much greater strength.

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