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Sectional doors space requirements

Please call our friendly advisers for details of our Sectional garage doors. In our opinion Sectional doors are not suitable for the DIY installer and should be installed by a professional. We have teamed up with the product manufacturer who has a network of trained installers across the UK. We will happily take the details of your requirements and pass them to a LOCAL company to you.

Our Insulated Sectional Garage doors are made to measure to suit the individual requirements of each garage. Sizes up to 5m wide and 3m high are available. Larger sizes are possible.

No frame is required maximising your opening width for easier parking. As the door opens vertically you can park right up to the door saving space both inside and outside of the garage.


Side and head room requirements

If your opening is less than 3500 wide you will have a side tension sprung door and will require 90mm side room and 100mm headroom

If your opening is more than 3500 wide you will have a front or rear mounted torsion sprung door and will require 90mm side room and 210mm for standard or 100mm for low headroom.

Electrically operated doors will require a minimum depth in the garage of 3180mm, and 25mm additional headroom.

Manually operated doors will require depth in the garage of the height of the door + 580mm

For more details on our range of insulated roller garage doors, contact our friendly team on 01630 672 175