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Roller doors

Golden Oak

Roller garage doors are straightforward to install in most applications. Before ordering please read the Roller garage doors space requirements   to ensure you have the necessary side and head room. If in doubt please complete the self survey form and return to us. We don’t take orders online, in our experience we’d rather talk through the exact details to make sure every eventuality is covered.

Our roller garage doors are designed for the DIY’er. We fully prepare each component in our factory to save you time when installing your new garage door.

We’ve written detailed roller garage door instructions specifically for the DIY’er and commissioned a video outlining every stage of the installation process. Depending on the door size installation takes around half a day.

You may want to look at our detailed product specification page to familiarise yourself of how the door is manufactured and to make it easier for you to compare with other manufacturers. 

So save money, get an instant online quotation today.

For more details on our range of insulated roller garage doors, contact our friendly team on 01630 672 175