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Garage Door Security

How Do We Ensure Our Garage Door Security

Garage door security is one of the most important aspects for us at EasyFit. We use one of the most secure locking systems in use today so that you can feel confident that your house is safe. We use the Deprat 89mm cylindrical roller garage door barrel and stainless steel reinforced auto-locking mechanism. Deprat has grown from a company that made wooden hinges for roller shutters to one of the most reputable suppliers to roller shutter manufacturers in Europe.


When the door is closed, stainless steel reinforced straps lock solidly in place stopping any vertical force applied to the door and making sure it cannot be forced open. These straps are stronger and more durable than alternatives you can purchase today, and therefore allow for better security. You can rest safe in the knowledge that whatever lies behind your garage door or in your home is safe.


Garage Door Security


Garage door security wouldn’t be complete without deep tracks that made to prevent anyone from prying the door out of them. The guide tracks are 90mm deep, much more than a standard door. This makes it much harder for potential thieves to prise the door open. The door is also much harder to break through than an average door due to the two layers and rigid foam insulation placed between them. Not only does this foam provide insulation, but security.

You can also choose to have a locking bottom rail, formed from solid extruded aluminium making your door even more secure. This added option is the pinnacle of security, especially if you are leaving your house unattended for a number of days.

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