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Our products are manufactured to the highest standard. Listed below are a selection of the questions that we are often asked. Please feel free to ask us any other questions.

What is the Sectional garage door specification

Please visit the Sectional door specification section.

Do you have a product comparison sheet for roller garage doors?

For a list of information about what is included with our doors please refer to our Product comparison for the full specification.

How should I measure up for my door?

We have a downloadable self-survey form to help you work out all the dimensions you need.

Download our Self Survey Form [ pdf ] here.

Are there any hidden extras?

No hidden extras! All prices include a full remote control system, delivery and VAT. Please check our Product comparison for the full specification.

Can I Fit My New Garage Door Myself?
  • Our roller doors are designed for DIY installation. A competent DIY’er with the necessary tools and experience will install the product with ease.
  • Make an enquiry and instantly receive our Easy-Install video guide. Alternatively, you can read our text guide to DIY Installation.
  • Sectional doors are not designed for DIY installation. Alutech have a team of accredited installation companies around the UK that will happily survey, quote and install your sectional door. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with your closest installer
How Long Does It Take To Deliver?

Easy Fit Garage Doors Ltd deliver to all areas of the UK on our devoted transport to make sure you receive the door in pristine condition.

The charge for delivery is included in the price you see on the screen, with the exception of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and any other offshore destinations, which can be separately arranged.

Delivery is usually 10 – 15 days from acceptance of the order.

We will contact you 24 hours before the planned delivery day. The driver will require assistance to unload your door, it is your responsibility to do this.

If the driver is unable to deliver the door because you are not there on the planned date then an additional charge will be made to re-deliver.

We would suggest that the installation date is planned after you receive the door to allow for any technical queries you may have to be resolved.

What Is The Roller Garage Door Specification?

For our full product specification please click the link.

What Are The Space Requirements For My New Roller or Sectional Garage Door?

Please visit Roller garage door space requirements page for details.

Please visit Sectional garage door space requirements page for details.

Why choose Easy Fit Roller Garage Doors as your supplier?
Roller garage doors
  • The specification of the product is very high, some companies will offer a thinner slat (55mm or 44mm) – that is not as strong and provides much less insulation – but will be cheaper – we do not believe in compromising the product, so offer the 77mm insulated lath as standard.
  • The remote control system is the best available, providing you with the reliability that is required. It is designed and manufactured in the UK.
Sectional garage doors
  • 45mm thick panels are the most rigid available, offering better insulation and security.
  • Our twin side seals are unique to provide better insulation against wind and a tighter fit when the door is closed.
  • Marantec have been manufacturing operators for sectional doors for over 20 years, being manufactured in Germany the quality is excellent.
  • We understand your requirements, our staff will talk to you and ensure that you are happy with everything before we take any money from you.
  • Roller and sectional doors are the modern garage door option, by saving space and maximising the driveway length.
  • Convenience of remote control, peace of mind, security, choice of colours make a popular choice.
What is the Guarantee?
  • The door finish is guaranteed for 10 years, the motor has a 5-year warranty, the control panel has a 2-year warranty.
  • Our guarantee is Insurance backed by the component manufacturers.
  • Spare parts will be charged for, then refunded once the part has been returned, inspected and found to be faulty.
How should I maintain my door?
  • No grease or oil should be applied to any part of the door.
  • The exterior of the door should be washed regularly to keep and salt of grit off the surface.
  • Ensure all electrical cables are securely attached to the wall and are undamaged.
Do You Charge For Delivery?
  • No, delivery to England and Wales is included in the product cost, for areas outside this please call the sales team and they will advise the cost accordingly.
  • The price you see on the screen includes both delivery and VAT.
  • All doors are delivered by our transport system, that will liaise with you to agree on a suitable delivery date.
Are there any special power requirements for the electric operation?
  • No, the remote control unit is supplied with a normal 3 pin plug as standard, so will plug into a standard household socket. No specialist electrician work is necessary.
  • It also has an optional built-in courtesy light that automatically turns itself on when the door opens, then off again a few minutes later.
How do you open the door in the event of a power failure?
Insulated Roller garage doors
  • Assuming that you have another entry/exit to the garage door, there is a manual winding handle supplied as standard to manually wind the door up and down, this will be done from the inside of the garage so there are no security issues.
  • If there is no other entry/exit then you will need to purchase the external manual override. This is a series of rods that go from a locked box on the outside of the garage, through the wall up to the motor. This allows you to open the outside secure lock and wind the door up from the outside.
Insulated Sectional garage doors
  • A release unit is supplied as standard that is operable from the inside of the garage.
  • If there is no other access to the garage apart from the garage door you would need an external key release system.
Does the door comply with European Legislation?

Safety is the first and most important aspect of buying an insulated roller or sectional garage door. The easy fit factory is ISO 9002 accredited and has received the highest recognition from external test agencies to demonstrate that the processes and material we use is to the highest standard.

  • All Easy Fit Insulated Roller Garage doors comply with current European legislation and are fully CE marked.
  • As part of the safety system, an Optical Safety Edge system is supplied as standard on every Roller garage door – this is part of the requirement to comply with legislation.
  • Alutech sectional doors are CE marked and supplied with a Marantec operator. This Includes is a current sensing safety feature that will detect any obstruction when the door is closing and immediately stop and reverse.
What Safety features does the door have?

Our roller and sectional garage doors have been tested and verified by external accredited testing companies.

These tests include anti trapment, anti fallback, electrical compliance testing, wind testing.

All tests go to make up our technical construction folder making our doors fully CE compliant.

All our garage doors have a recognised safety system that will detect an obstacle in the opening of the door, that will stop and reverse the garage door.

How secure is the door?
Insulated roller garage doors
  • All doors are supplied with auto locks as standard. Once the door is closed the auto lock is activated, making it almost impossible to open.
  • Our motors have an electromechanical brake that will stop the door from opening when it is closed.
  • As the laths are insulated, the inside and outside skin are bonded together by a very high strength foam, making the door much stronger than a non-insulated version.
  • These features ensure the Easy Fit door is one of the most secure Roller Garage Doors available.
Insulated Sectional garage doors
  • 40mm thick panels offer the most secure sectional door available
  • Internally installed on heavy-duty guide rails, the sectional door is very difficult to prise open from the outside
  • Electrically operated doors are locked via the motor unit, with manual doors having a heavy-duty handle and lock.
How do you manage to be lower in cost than the competition?

Being one of the few companies that both manufacture and sell Roller garage doors, we are eliminating the middleman and his profit.

It also puts us closer to our clients and better able to respond to their needs.

  • We use the  highest quality components from European manufacturers
  • Our motors are manufactured by one of the largest and leading manufacturers in the world
  • Our ANSA remote control system is fully CE approved and the highest quality
  • Our overheads are low and we pass our savings to you our customer – no quibble, no compromise on quality

Alutech are one of the worlds largest manufacturers of sectional doors. Having a network of UK installers and high volumes being manufactured the cost saving will be passed from the installer directly to you.

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