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What’s in your Garage? Supercar Heaven

Posted by EasyFit on 19 June 2014

With the recent commercial gaming success of Grand Theft Auto V last year, this long-awaited title saw Millions of people spend literally Millions of dollars on the highly-anticipated title. Gamers could play this “real-world” simulation in a multitude of ways and experience thousands of different locations in-game. The predominant part of the game is made up of driving across the landscape, sometimes for anywhere up to 20 minutes real-time and you can do this by controlling one or a few of hundreds of vehicles you have (ahem!) stolen or bought in-game. You can customise and service the cars and store them in various garages scattered around the city and some of the customisation options are truly incredible. Pimping your vehicle has never been so fun and you can see some impressive paint jobs and trims just driving around the various sections of the city.


So, it got us thinking. What Supercars would you have in your garage, if you could choose any three? In the game there are lots of garages to house your beauties but in this world, which would you have? You can buy Million dollar models and supercars in the game. Sometimes it’s nice to dream what models you may come down to in the morning when you step into your garage with a brew.


Ford GT-40

These road classics of the Ford GT-40 are desirable because they are considered as one of the most recognisable “muscle-car” (along with Mustangs) in America and the UK. The sleek, unique shape isn’t common in most expensive road cars but this is no ordinary road car. It will turn heads and emit a roar unmatched by anything in your neighborhood. New ones can cost as much as $174,000 with prices hiking further for additional modifications. One thing’s for sure. It will look awesome in your garage.


Mclaren P1

The P1 Supercar is the first hybrid-drive system produced by Mclaren, combining style and sleek design with both a V8 engine and an electric motor. Why, I hear you ask? There are numerous technical reasons but the main ones are that it’s a little more green than your average Supercar and apparently the electric motor still outputs around 170bhp and helps with top-end speed overall thanks to the improved throttle response and an “air-charging” system. If this leaves you befuddled on the specs and a little confused, no matter. Just think how good this is going to look next to your workbench (and the Ford GT, of course).


Ferrari F40

No collection is complete without a Ferrari and if you only had 3 to choose from, you can bet a Ferrari will be one of them. The F40 is an historic beauty, with the looks of its era (it’s truly a child of the 80s) and it was the first street legal car to surpass 200mph. It’s carbon fibre bodywork and sleek design, mighty Ferrari 2.9 litre 471bhp engine and 5 speed manual transmission made it the most desirable sportscar of the late 80’s. $300,000 on release at the time but now a mere $665,000 second hand…if you’re lucky. You can’t put a price on envy though and with these three giants in the garage (or on your driveway?) there’ll be plenty of envy to go around.


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