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Warm Home Curtains

4 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Posted by Tracey on 15 November 2018

We at EasyFit know that it can be hard and expensive to have a warm home, so we’ve put together some ways you can improve your home so that you’re nice and cosy this winter.

1. Curtains Can Help

Warm Home Curtains

You can use your curtains to your advantage much more than you think! When the sun is shining, keep your curtains wide open to absorb all the natural heat from the sunlight. When it starts getting dark, close your curtains to make a barrier between you and your window. This should help your house retain heat saving you money and energy. You may want to invest in a new set of curtains so that you can have a thicker, warmer barrier that will be more insulated.

2. Put Your Central Heating On a Timer

Warm Home Heating

Putting your central heating on a timer can be a great step to make sure that it comes on and turns off whenever you want. You won’t have to worry about leaving it on and wasting a lot of energy and money. You can set it to warm you up in the morning and turn off when you go to work etc. This really helps as many people forget or don’t use it at all due to energy bills. Consider investing in a system that lets you control it this way.

3. Install Double Or Triple Glazed Windows

Windows Warm Home

Double and triple glazing help retain heat much more efficiently than single glazing. The investment in this can be justified by the savings in heating that you will have over a course of time. The barrier formed by these windows means that it takes a much longer time for heat to dissipate from your house. These are most effective if you live in an old building with draughty windows with only a single pane.

4. Get a New Garage Door

Roller Front Door Warm Home

A garage can expel heat in massive quantities if it is not insulated properly. You should consider getting a multi-layered garage door with insulation so that you don’t waste all the heat that your heating is pumping into your home. At EasyFit we sell some of the most weatherproof and well-insulated doors on the market. Why not check us out and get a quote today to see if we can help you!




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