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Top 5 Winter Ideas for your Garage Conversion

Posted by Tracey on 7 December 2017

With the festive period coming up fast, you’re home’s going be busier than the elves packing Christmas presents! To keep your friends and family entertained during this busy holiday period, we at Easy Fit have put together our top 5 Winter ideas in how you can re-invent your garage by simply changing its basic purpose! Let’s get started…


Converting your garage into a cinema is a great idea for movie lovers and those who love having people over. Although you may think that this option would be extremely expensive, you can buy a projEasy fit winter garage ideasector and a screen for as little as £60! Throw in a couple of chairs or beanbags, some blankets to get cosy, an insulated garage door to keep you warm, and you’ll be ready to impress your friends with your dedicated viewing room! All you need to bring is the popcorn and snacks!


If you are looking to create the perfect man-cave, go no further. What good would a man-cave be without a small bar to serve you and your friends. This one, however, could be an expensive conversion if you are hiring someone to create this bar. That’s why we over at Easy Fit are big believers in DIY. With a little bit of elbow grease and time you could create your dream bar and be the envy of all your friends. You can even open up your garage door in the summer and have a BBQ with all your friends and family. easy fit winter garage ideas


For the fitness fanatics out there, who don’t fancy going to the gym after a long, busy day of work, why not have your own a mini gym in your garage? That way, it’s just on your doorstep and free to use wheasy fit winter garage ideasenever you want. You can tailor it to your fitness goal by having whichever equipment that you do or don’t use out of your personal gym. Plus you’ll never have to deal with someone hogging the equipment you want to use for your workout and having your privacy by having an electromagnetically locked garage door. Now there’s no excuse to miss a workout!


Maybe you don’t need to convert your garage to entertain everyone. You can create your own space to get away from the hectic holiday activities. If you are always working from home with no dedicated office space, you can always turn your garage into one! With all the distractions going on around you, you can escape to your new office for some peace. If you have enough space, it can be one of the least expensive option in converting your garage. All you have to do is throw a desk and chair in, add your computer or laptop and other work tools to the mix, maybe add a dash of paint to brighten it up and you are ready to go! This is perfect for the a professional worker, entrepreneur, or savvy individual who’s ready for the new year! 

easy fit winter garage ideas


Last off, a showroom. We at Easy Fit have partnered up with Duke of London and we love their showroom! If you have a car or bike that you want to show off, you can always do what they have done. The white-washed walls and rustic aesthetic along with the classic cars make for a stunning showroom. If you’re going for this option make sure you secure it as they have, with an Easy Fit garage door. 

To take the first step in making these exciting changes to your garage this holiday period, contact us for more details on high quality roller or sectional garage doors. Get ready for the festive fun this Christmas!


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