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ways pallets can transform your garage

Three Ways Pallets Can Transform Your Garage

Posted by Tracey on 14 August 2017

Transforming your garage into the space you’ve always wanted needn’t cost the earth. We’ve got some great tips for different ways you can easily and cheaply convert your garage into the extension you’ve always wanted, and what’s more, all of these looks can be achieved with a few simple tools and some elbow grease.

Here are 3 ways pallets can transform your garage:

Pallet Wine Rack

The garage can often become a dumping ground, with bags and boxes filled with goods and things you can’t even remember putting there. Bottles of wine are a classic example of items often left discarded in temporary cardboard boxes or in piles on the floor. Instead of leaving them laying on the ground, why not display them in a beautiful rustic wine rack; upcycled from a basic wooden pallet. With just one pallet holding up to 25 wine bottles and glassware, this simple storage solution can transform your cluttered garage into an ordered and appealing space. Follow the few easy steps in the diagram, by the Orchard Girls, to create your new wine rack, adding grooves with a small or circular saw on the base-board to allow you to hang your glasses too!

Pallet Drinks Bar

Why not take it one step further, and create a pallet drinks bar as well. After a quick lick of paint in your chosen colour scheme, try combining the rustic farmhouse charm of a pallet for the base of your drinks bar, with the sleek, modern texture of a stone, concrete or granite top, for a contemporary finish to your bar.

Pallet Storage

With all the people you’ll be entertaining in your newly transformed space, you’ll likely be needing a suitable storage solution for all the additional coats. By simply removing one side bar from the pallet, adding a dark stain to treat and preserve the wood, and fixing some coat hooks, you’ve can mount your stylish coat rack on the garage wall, and start entertaining your guests!


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