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The Most Expensive Garages in the World

Posted by EasyFit on 16 October 2014

Tom Gonzales’ Garage
This impressive garage has been valued at a cool six million dollars and belongs to software engineer Tom Gonzales. This ultimate garage was built to protect and house Gonzales’ luxurious car and motorcycle collection and can be found at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. The garage is so large that it resembles a mansion, and most of the prize pieces in the motor collection are stored underground in a special section of the garage that measures a colossal six thousand square feet.

Craig Jackson’s Garage
This enormous garage took a total of two years to build and is reported to have cost a little over two million dollars. The garage was built to house the car collection of prominent company CEO Craig Jackson, who transformed part of the mountain located around his home in Paradise Valley in Arizona transformed into a circular garage. The garage has been designed to represent a car tyre and each of the cars is set in the sides to represent the spokes of a wheel while the lighting and the roof form the hub cap. The garage covers an area of 3,600 square feet and boasts leather panels that drown out sound, while soft and hard lighting can be programmed at the flick of a switch to present each of the cars in the collection in the best possible light. The light is controlled by a special computer programme to make changing the lighting effortless.

John Travolta’s Garage
The official cost of this mega movie star’s garage has never been released, although seeing as it is large enough to accommodate both a Boeing 707 and a Gulfstream Jet along with all the support vehicles that are needed for these aeroplanes, the value of the garage in certain several millions of dollars. The garage boasts a 1.4 mile runway leading up to it as well as space to house an additional fifteen vehicles and is situated on Travolta’s Jumbolair estate.

Expensive Garages In the UK
People looking for a luxurious garage of their own will find a number of choice offerings in the City of London. The most expensive garage in the United Kingdom, which was a former coach house, sold in south London for a whopping £550,000.

Planning to park your car in Knightsbridge? If you’re feeling particularly flush there’s a car park that only costs £200,000 per year!


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