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The Tech Security Wishlist for the Paranoid

Posted by EasyFit on 14 August 2016

As we live in a world where the technological edge is evolving on a seemingly daily basis, it should come as no surprise that such innovations are now making their way into our very homes. While some of these devices may appear as if they were taken out of a science fiction film, the truth of the matter is that within a very short period of time, they will be as commonplace as a flat-screen television (again, all but a dream but a decade ago). So, what can we expect to experience in regards to home-based security systems in the near future? Let us take a closer look.

Remote Control

It seems only natural that smartphones will be integrated into future home security networks. Their primary benefit is that as opposed to an alarm being relayed through a security firm, the owner will also simultaneously be notified in the event that unauthorised movement is detected within the premises. In the same respect, there are even apps which link one’s doorbell to a mobile phone; thus alerting the owner if someone is at the front door and requires attention.

Smart Lighting

This new technique offers money-saving advantages alongside security benefits. Systems such as Lightpad will activate and deactivate lights in accordance with movement in one’s home. Therefore, lights can be automatically turned on and off as they are needed. Of course, this is also a notable benefit in the event that an intruder (or even an animal) enters the home. These systems are also already present in some offices, as they can vastly reduce power consumption in areas that are not being used.

Virtual Video Monitoring

Surveillance systems have been present for decades and while these have always proven to be a powerful deterrent, their integration with Internet-based systems allows them to become even more formidable. What we are beginning to witness is synergy of multiple monitoring techniques. Thus, metrics such as sound, temperature, lighting and movement can be watched through a single device as long as it is connected to the Internet. This is quite important, for it will enable the homeowner to take a more proactive and fluid approach as opposed to having to recall a series of lengthy codes. Systems such as GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi will all work together to produce a reliable security interface even for those who may not be technically proficient.


Security also revolves around the very safety of the homeowners. While this can be seen in “intelligent” doorbells that will enable one to remotely view (via a smartphone) and communicate with someone at the door, other concerns are equally as important. For example, newer carbon monoxide detectors will automatically turn off a boiler if this deadly gas is detected. In a very real way, this can save lives. Other systems take this approach a step further by allowing a seamless capability to monitor water, smoke, light, temperature and movement. This can be viewed as a modern “dashboard” for all of the elements in one’s home. Of course, these are but a few striking examples of how technology is reshaping our lives. In fact, many seasoned analysts believe that the arrival of these sensors and devices is only a matter of time. It will indeed be quite interesting to see what the future holds.


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