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Starting a Business from Your Garage

Posted by EasyFit on 22 November 2013

Amazon, Apple, Disney – all massive, multi-billion pound companies that are rumoured to have started in a humble garage. It’s the entrepreneurs’ dream – the little start up business that busts out of the garage and into the world. All you need is a little bit of money and a lot of ideas.

Have you found a gap in the market? Do you have an amazing idea that’s going to make you a lot of money? A great way to save on overheads and focus on the product or service at hand is to start a business in the garage. But how do you turn the most neglected room in the house into the nerve centre of your operation?

Start From Scratch

A positive workspace leads to a positive mindset – and a positive attitude means results! Completely strip your garage out and get rid of all that clutter – hire a storage space or give away those gardening tools that you never used anyway. Paint the walls in white or very bright colours, since garage spaces often don’t let in a lot of light. Streamline your new office to create a space where creativity can flow.

Make Sure you Have the Technology You Need

You may be a small manufacturing business (Yankee Candles started from a small factory based in a garage!) or an office-based business, but make sure you have the technology you need, or access to the technology already based in your house. You may have to install a few power outlets or invest in a stronger internet connection. Most businesses these days hinge on working technology, make sure your garage business has everything it needs.

Keep Your Workspace Separate

Everyone talks about the work/life balance, and that can be extra hard to achieve if you live where you work! Make it easier by dividing your home office/garage from the rest of the house. Decorate it differently to the rest of the house so it feels like a different environment. If your house has warm colours, paint it in cold colours or vice versa. Sound proofing is also a good idea. Don’t get distracted by what is going on in the rest of the house – you are there to work!

Utilise Your Space

When your business (hopefully) starts to grow, your garage may start to feel a little cramped – you may take on a partner or member of staff or simply have more product stored in there. Invest in storage and use vertical space the best you can. The garage is a small space where big things can happen!

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