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Spook up Your Garage This Halloween

Posted by EasyFit on 25 October 2016

It’s Halloween season and what better way to spook your treat or treaters than to give your garage the full-on scare factor!
We’ve dusted off the best blood-curdling DIY hacks to transform your garage into your very own darkness of doom.

1) The Pumpkin

Pumpkins have always been a must for anyone looking to spook up their ‘lair’. Why not carve yours into something a little more blood-curdling. From spooky to elegant, get your tools on standby & make your garage Halloween ready.
2) Spooky Lighting

Lighting is a great way of creating that ‘spine-chilling’ ambience. Reversing light and dark areas can achieve a frightful effect. Add some orange light, fog, cobwebs and some orange cones with police tape wrapped around and you will intimidate even the bravest ghost-hunter.
3) Zombie Blinds

Perfect for turning your garage doors into something a bit more frightening, these window cover decorations will add some chills. Readily available for under a fiver, they will certainly induce a sense of fear into any man or child who dares walk by.
4) Scare up the exterior

Before you open up your garage of terror, you have to set the scene. get yourself some bone-chilling skeletons to hang outside. You could also set scary cardboard cutouts against garden lights to create a terrifying shadow effect against the house.
5) Fill your garage with fog

Invest in a fog machine and you won’t be sorry! Get the spooky vapour working so that when you open the doors, you’ll absolutely terrify anyone who comes your way as you emerge from the gloom.


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