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Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door

Posted by EasyFit on 25 April 2017

Guest Blog by Geoffrey Towers – Easyfit Customer

If you had told me all those years ago, when I was full of … beans, that one day I would buy a semi-detached, mock Tudor house in a beautiful area of south London, I’d have said you were mad. But here I am years later, with a wife and two children, about to live the dream. But we can afford this because the house needs complete re-doing. And I mean complete: Re-wiring, new boiler and radiators, new bathrooms, new kitchen, complete redecorating, and, unexpectedly, a new garage door.

replace your garage door

I say unexpectedly because a garage door isn’t usually high on the list of priorities of what needs doing when you buy a new house.

But looking at this picture, you can immediately see our problem. The drive is very narrow and the only way to park off street is to park close to the garage door, making it impossible to open outwards. To have access to the garage without having to move the car every time, the solution is either to widen the drive, which we may do, or get a new style roll up garage door.

And easy access is important because the other thing that came to light was that in replacing our boiler and heating/hot water system, we will be placing the new boiler and an unvented cylinder in the garage. This means that it would be much to our advantage to have an insulated garage door.

After reading the Easy Fit brochure, their roll doors fit the bill on both counts, as well as adding the convenience of remote electronic opening and enhanced security. An added bonus will be losing the fear of an up-and-over garage door coming off its treads, which has happened to us more than once at previous homes.

I’m hoping to do most of the donkey work on this house myself, although boilers and electrics need to be left to the qualified professionals. This not only saves money, but I get a genuine kick out of doing things around the home, looking at a finished product and thinking ‘I did that!’ Easy Fit have produced a “How To Fit’ video and provide detailed instructions, so, once the gas and electric work is done, it will be time for the next stage – all I need to do now is organise a time to have couple of mates over, cook up a massive spag bol, have the cold beers ready, and install a new garage door. Keep you posted.


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