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Roller or Sectional? Which Easy Fit Garage Door is better?

Posted by Tracey on 22 November 2017

No one wants their precious car or bike stolen. This is especially true if they’ve had a lot of work done to it, or even worked on it themselves. For many people, their car is their pride and joy; so let’s talk about protecting it.

EasyFit offer two types of garage doors: Roller and Sectional. Both are very secure, but which is better? We’ve listed a few strengths that each doors has to offer to suit your needs. 

Roller Garage doors

roller sectional garage doorsAuto locks:

The auto locks on EasyFit garage doors are superior to many other companies as they physically lock down when the door is closed, preventing people from prying the door up from the outside.

Electromagnetic brake:

The electromagnetic brake on the doors prevents the door from being pushed up from the outside of the garage when closed. It makes it hard for possible intruders opening the garage door this way.

High strength doors:

EasyFit offers double layered insulated doors which are incredibly strong and sturdy. This stops or discourages people from trying to break through the door or from bending it.

Sectional Garage doors

Thick Panels:

The panels are 45mm thick, making this the most secure sectional door available. Notsectional garage door all sectional doors are this thick and/or secure.


The door is internally insulated and rests on heavy duty guide rails. This combination makes it very difficult for any budding thief to forcefully open the door and deters opportunists from trying to get in.


The electrically operated option locks via a motor unit, and the manual option locks via a heavy duty handle and lock. Both these options are very secure.


What’s the Verdict?

In our opinion, although sectional doors offer a stylish look to your garage door. However, if you’re solely looking for the most secure door to protecting your timeless classic car or motorbike you should turn to the roller garage door. Check out the options to find out more and contact us to get a quote.


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