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Man Cave vs BatCave

Posted by EasyFit on 19 May 2014

Everyone knows that when it comes to hideouts, Batman’s is the best. Built underneath his huge mansion, filled with all the gadgets a superhero could want and with the Batmobile on standby it really is a man’s haven. It’s the holy grail of bedrooms. The Fortress of Solitude for every man who wants his own space and own little private “den” to hoard, relax and play in. You can have that too by utilising your garage space.

The Batcave has had many iterations over the years. From housing Adam West’s early days in the Batsuit to Micheal Keaton’s more serious and dark tone, to Val and George’s efforts and then finally Christian Bale’s more recent outing. Whichever you prefer, the Batcave has always had the coolest toys and been the perfect place for Batman to relax and put his feet up. So what could you take from the Batcave as inspiration to fill your “man-cave”?


Every man wants a bank of monitors, regardless of how many they need, whether it’s for watching films, the latest football match or for gaming. 6 or 7 monitors were never too many for Bruce Wayne so why should it be for you? Hook up that DVR and games console and enjoy!


Armour Display

Ok, the chances are you won’t have warrior suits and life-size scale statues of historic figures but Batman did (in the graphic novels universe) to inspire and to learn from and any man-cave needs eye-candy. Whether it’s from replica models of your favourite movie characters or props and collectibles, you need some showpieces for your den.



As in the most recent Batman films, the Batcave has a waterfall but of course, things could get a little wet if you had a waterfall in the middle of your garage. So maybe a lava lamp or water feature model would suffice, giving you a miniature version of a major Batcave feature. Alternatively, you could just buy a water cooler and pretend…


Hydraulic turntable

In order to get the car in and out of the Batcave (noone wants to reverse in all the time) Batman needed a turntable platform to whip the car around to face the right direction. Your garage is probably not that big to house all this equipment and the car, so maybe you kick the car out and have a spinning platform for your “master chair” so you can see all of your monitors in a 360 degree spin!


Batsuit Module

Batman is cool because of his suit, let’s face it. But even he needs to rock out in shorts and t-shirt occasionally. But he still needs to be ready at a moment’s notice. So rather than installing a dingy wardrobe holding your work suit, you could go all-out and install a perspex/glass cylindrical chamber and hang your prized outfit in it………or you could just stick to the wardrobe.


Every man’s garage is his proverbial castle and if he could, surely he’d stock up with the ultimate Batcave gear? It beats a workbench and a parking space for your car!


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