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Making Your Garage Child Friendly

Posted by EasyFit on 25 October 2016

Turning your garage into a fun and safe place for your kids is a great idea. Although most people need their garage for storage or more commonly, a car, if you don’t need the space, then why not make it somewhere for your kids to have some fun?
We’ve put together the top 5 items that can turn your garage into a safer & more fun place for your children.

1. Install a TV and the all important Parental Control

Install a TV and comfy watching area for the kids. You now no longer have to fight for control of the channels! However, putting a pin code on certain channels is a must if children are about.
2. Comfy Seating 

Bean bags are a definite must-have for any area looking to create a comfortable environment for the younger members of the family. Far more easily accessible than a sofa, bean bags offer a ‘softer’ alternative to a leather three piece.
3. Easy Clean Materials 

Covering your tables & chairs with easy-to-wipe sheeting is a great way of protecting your essentials. It provides a protective barrier against accidental spillages and can save you a fortune in cleaning bills!
4. Family Friendly Drinks & Snacks

Red wine is a definite no-no if you want to keep your cave looking pristine. Sticking to soft drinks like lemonade is a safer option and a lot easier to clean should there be an accident.
5. Cosy Time 

Having a quiet ‘cosy’ area for your little ones is a must if they are likely to visit their new cool hang-out area on a regular basis. It can help avoid temper tantrums when your little ones are in need of a sleep!


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