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Make your Man Cave even more Manly

Posted by Tracey on 18 September 2017

There are many ways to convert your garage into your personal man cave, but how about making it even more manly with simple DIY furniture hacks. Grab a pint with the lads and retreat to your cave!

What’s on your bucket list?

This handy sign can create a relaxed atmosphere in your man cave, beer and ice are all that is needed on your bucket list to make your cave more manly. Even better, It’s already ticked off!

Make you man cave manly

Image: Etsy

Aim and shoot!

Use an old crate and add a dart board, decorate with wine corks too and add this to your man cave creating a small game area for those late evening dart games with the lads. It’s easy to make and can change the surroundings of your cave making it more relaxed.

Image: Etsy

What’s the time?

Never again do you have to worry about working out the time with this clock. It tells you the time exactly the way you need to say it. As it lights up at each relevant time you never have to worry about reading analogue or digital clocks again

Pool ball candle?

Everyone likes candles, even the toughest guy! Spruce up your man cave with these manly candle holders of Pool balls. Set them in the triangle just like you would for a game, light them up and create a warm atmosphere.

Emergency alcohol

Extinguish those alcohol needs with this emergency alcohol, it’s definitely needed for those times when you have that alcohol craving. It even has its own lock and key so you can stop predators from stealing your booze.

Wrench hooks

Keep your man cave that little bit like a garage with wrench hooks, nail them to the wall as pegs. Next when you have the lads over they have these neat hooks to hang their jackets up. Also, they fit into the theme of the garage environment!

Image: DIY Projects

Man’s Best friend

Not to forget a warm home for man’s best friend! Use a whiskey barrel to create this warm bed for your best friend, line it with blankets and cushions for added comfort. Now they too can join you on your late evenings with the fellas.


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