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Looking After Your Garage – Part One

Posted by EasyFit on 28 December 2012
The next step in A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR GARAGE looks at how you can take care of your garage, starting with your garage door, with a second part to follow which focuses on the garage as a whole…

The terms ‘maintenance’ and ‘DIY’ are enough for some homeowners to run for the hills, and the garage is not always high on their ‘To Do’ list. It is sometimes given short shrift because you use rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms so much more often, and when something needs changing or fixing it is instantly noticed and taken care of quickly. Your garage is different because it is often used fleetingly, but it is just as important to be kept safe and secure and in perfect working order.

The weather takes its toll on various areas of your home. Doors, windows, brickwork, guttering and roofing can all be effected by heavy rain, snow, strong winds and the freezing cold. This makes it even more essential to observe and maintain areas inside and outside of the home, and that includes your garage door.

Some Simple DIY Maintenance Tips for a Garage Door

WD-40Garage doors are strong and flexible, but are just as susceptible to damage and rust if they are neglected and maintenance checks are not taken every month or so. This involves getting your hands dirty and using some elbow grease as you put WD-40 and oil to good use. Your rollers, tracks, hinges and latches can all do with the occasional spray of WD-40 or a similar product. It is also important to keep all pulleys and bearings lubricated so that the spring openers can operate fully. The same should be done if they are rusting at all. A little oil can go a long way to make your garage door work effectively.

Another useful liquid to keep on hand for your garage maintenance is kerosene. It is extremely useful for when any rollers or hinges become difficult or stuck, and can be worked into the cracks to remove any rust. Following this, adding some lubricant to the hinges should get them moving to their full potential again. It is likely that the door opener and the hinges are likely to rust and become difficult to move more often than any other part of the garage, so lubrication is crucial to helping it open and close properly.

If you garage door is made from wood and not steel, it is important that is has been sealed or painted, to ensure that it doesn’t weaken or become damaged by adverse weather conditions. To keep it looking fresh and like new, give it a touch up once a month to ensure no wear and tear starts to creep in.

Before you begin any maintenance on your garage door, make sure you read all the labels on the liquids and lubricants that you use on the door and read any instructions for the door itself. It is essential that you use the right tools and liquids for the job, as using the wrong one could damage your door and result in you having to call somebody out to fix or replace it.

It is also important that you consider the safety of your family. WD-40, kerosene and other garage door maintenance tools should be kept well out of the reach of children, and should preferably be locked away in a special cupboard or toolbox in your garage that only you have access to. If by chance a child does get hold of any of these products, they should wash their hands thoroughly and if they are consumed, consult a doctor immediately.


When in Doubt, Call a Professional

There is no shame in looking through an instruction manual and shaking your head in confusion. Luckily, there are trained professionals out there who know exactly what signs to look for that your garage door needs maintenance on, and can fix it for you without any problems. You can also make good use of the pros by asking them for some tips and a demonstration on what to look out for in the future. Not everybody is an expert, but having one at hand can help you become competent at least, and that will be good news for the future of the your garage, as the working order of your door is important to its safety, security and insulation.

The next step in the guide will focus on the security of the garage, and DIY maintenance including floors, ceilings and shelves…


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