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Insulation for the Garage

Posted by EasyFit on 14 February 2013

The final part of the guide to securing your garage centres on the role of insulation in the home.

Insulated Garage

The cost of heating a home increases all the time, and it is becoming harder and harder for families and homeowners to afford the rising rates of electricity and gas. The issue here is that they are unlikely to fall any time in the near future, which forces homeowners to consider other ways of keeping heat within the four walls of the home, and as naturally as possible.

One way to do this is to insulate your home. This can include the walls, ceilings, roof and loft of the home, as well as the garage. If your garage is attached directly to your home and isn’t effectively insulated, you run the risk of losing a lot of heat in your home. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to insulate your garage so that you keep as much heat in as possible, and don’t run the risk of allowing the cold from outside creep in to your garage and the home. It will soon make a dent in your finances if you are having to use the central heating more and more to keep the house warm.

The Benefits of Insulating Your Garage

The more your garage is insulated, the better use it can be for you and your home. You’re not going to get the full potential out your garage if it is just a dark, cold area to store your car and tools. If you insulate your garage properly it could become a bedroom, work area, gym, utility room or a child’s play area. The number of uses for a garage is endless with a little creative thinking and time and money spent on putting the work in to ultimately make the space liveable.

Save Money

As well as saving on your heating bill and increasing the useable space in the home, insulating a garage also protects your home against flooding and the possibility of pest infestation. This is achieved by the garage doors, walls and ceilings being drum tight to keep the cold – and any pests – on the other side of the door. In the event of flooding or heavy rain, an insulated garage will be better protected against these adverse weather conditions, and could save you thousands in repair bills.

Fibreglass and foam are two of the best materials for insulating walls, and if you can concentrate on insulating the walls between the home and the garage, it will definitely save you money. You can also add insulation to the floor of your garage by adding foam insulation boards underneath the slabs of your garage. This is another way to prevent heat from escaping and keeping the cold outside the home.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount in the home, and insulating your garage can add another layer of security by making it nearly impossible for burglars to get into your property. Intruders will often see a garage door as the perfect way to gain access, but if you have a great quality garage door, the chances are they will soon give up and walk away. Intruders look for weak spots on homes before they pounce, so keep your garage safe, secure and locked up when not in use and there shouldn’t be an issue.

There is more than just crime to consider though. If you have a family, garage safety is extremely important. An insulated garage is far less likely to suffer from water leaks, which in turn can cause surfaces to crack or become slip hazards. A properly maintained garage is far less likely to cause an issue with accidents or injuries, brought about by the garage door system failing, resulting in it falling and hitting somebody. If you keep on top of the home improvement side of things, there shouldn’t be a reason why your garage and home can’t be fully insulated, safe and secure.

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