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Home Improvement Jobs To Do Whilst In Lockdown

Posted by Ryan Lees on 19 May 2020

Coronavirus has led to many of us being stuck inside and staying at home where possible. With many people now being housebound, it has never been the most perfect time to take on a new project to help pass the time. 

Opting to take on a new task can be more beneficial than you think. Whilst these projects will improve your home it can also be a great way to clear your mind.

Whilst tradespeople aren’t able to come to you to make home improvements, there are several DIY tasks you can do yourself that you might not have thought of doing before!


Install Decking

As summer approaches, we all dream about sitting outside in our garden. However, this might not be ideal for some of us with uneven ground. Have you been thinking about installing decking for a while now but never had the time? Now is a great opportunity to give your garden a makeover.

Decking is quick and easy to install with most DIY shops supplying helpful instructions to accompany their products. ‘Real Homes’ have a super helpful guide to get you started including how-to videos.


Revamp Old Furniture

Upholstering or upcycling furniture is nothing new but now we have the additional time to do just that. Whether you want to give your dining chairs a new lease of life or take on a bigger project like reupholstering your couch it’s easy to get started.

Depending on what time you have and what products are available to you, revamping an old chest of drawers can be something as simple as just giving it a repaint or changing the handles or you can fix up a worn-down couch by sewing new cushions with padding and patterns. Frugal Family have some great tips on their website for ideas for your next project. 

revamp furniture















Install a New Garage Door

Installing a new garage door isn’t as hard as you might first think. Roller Garage Doors are the most straightforward and simple garage doors to fit. Designed for the DIYer, Roller Garage Doors will come with every component you need for installation. Our selection of Roller Garage Doors come with a handy installation guide and helpful video to ensure you install your new door safely and securely.  

garage door


Improve Home Security

With many of us working from home and computer equipment being used, it’s never been more important to make sure that your property is completely secure. There are many great security camera systems to pick up online. Another DIY security idea is to install a motion-activated security light. You can pick one up from your local DIY shop or online websites and it’s easy to install with minimal tools. Finally, you can ensure that all your gates and sheds are secure by installing new padlocks and bolts. 

DIYer Eugenne Brennan shares his 14 tips to improve your home security here.

home security


Hide The Clutter

Now we’re at home more than ever, we’re starting to notice areas of the house which, over time, have become messy and unruly. It’s time to start cleaning up your house and hiding your clutter. Luckily One Crazy House has shared tips on how to hide the clutter by using clever storage solutions. 

clutter solution


Create Your Own Office Space

Working from home can be stressful enough but when you’ve got kids, dogs and other distractions it can almost seem impossible. This is why it’s important to consider making an area dedicated to work. Whether this is a spare room or just an area in the kitchen, it’s important to make it somewhere where you can be as productive as you would in the office. This could vary from buying a desk to painting a room, it’s important that makes working from home easier. Choosing a dedicated area will help you build productivity and switch off when the day is done. We love these alternative office spaces created from transforming unused spaces in the home.

home office space


So there you have it, our top tips for home improvement. What DIY projects have you been doing during isolation? Let us know below.


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