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A Guide to Securing Your Garage

Posted by EasyFit on 12 November 2012
This detailed guide to securing a garage will come in a series of blog posts. The first is an introduction to the guide…

Your garage is an important part of your home, and safeguarding it against thieves and vandals should be an integral part of any home security plan. 245,317 burglaries were recorded in 2011/12, and a number of those could have been prevented if homeowners put more emphasis on securing their homes and cut out the mistakes that come from being blasé about the level of their home security. If everybody had a laidback attitude towards their home security, you would expect to see the number of burglaries increase significantly.

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Every household should try and have the same attitude, one of: “I’m going to make this as difficult as I can for criminals.” A great deal of burglars will give up pretty fast if they discover that a job is going to take a long time to get inside. They want low risk, high reward jobs, not the challenge of breaking in to a home with top security. This is why it is so important to get the best possible home security products and have them installed by trained professionals and accredited companies. It will definitely be worth it in the long term.

This guide will focus on the security of your garage, because it is just as important as having your windows and doors safe and secure. It will look at ways to deter criminals from using your garage as a way of gaining entry to your home, as well as various other troublesome factors that could lay waste to your garage; including poor weather – flooding, snow and heavy rain fall – poor maintenance and many more.

We will also take a look at safety precautions and the kinds of security products you can purchase to ensure your home is protected and your garage is safe to use, for you and your entire family. This will also cover maintenance tips and advice on alternative uses for your garage. The garage is a sought after space, and doesn’t have to be treated like extra storage space. You can turn your garage into a palace, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The most important part of this guide is about security: For you, your home and the whole family. And that is where we will begin.

Read on for the second part of the guide, THE IMPORTANCE OF HOME SECURITY…


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