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Garage Door Art

Posted by EasyFit on 28 March 2013

In this article we wanted to take a detour from our usual themes of maintenance and home security and opt for something a little more light-hearted. It is nearly Easter, after all.

When browsing the web recently, we were surprised by the range of garage door artwork out there. If you’ve ever wanted to transform your ordinary garage door into something a little different, take a look at these designs. We are sure that any one of them would raise a few eyebrows in your neighbourhood.

Here is a selection of our favourite garage door art:

F1 car

While many of us would love to have an F1 car to call our own, perhaps this garage door sticker is the next best thing. Watch your neighbours do a double-take as they wonder how you got your hands on a motor like this one – and why on earth you are keeping it in an apparently unlocked garage!

vintage car garage

A slightly more realistic alternative to the F1, this vintage car design is ideal for those whose real vehicles are looking a little the worse for wear…

empty garage

It may not be the most exciting scene on our list, but we think the illusion of this seemingly disused, run-down old garage is a clever way to fool passing burglars into thinking it is empty, leaving those in the know left to wonder what contents are safe and secure within.

crocodile garage door

For a slightly more aggressive way to deter burglars, keeping an enormous crocodile in your garage ought to do the trick. We particularly like the guard dog sign in the background – seems somehow unnecessary in this situation.

holiday garage

Finally, when it’s dark and cold outside and a holiday is in order, why not paste your escapist fantasies onto the front of your house with this tropical garage door sticker.

It is interesting to see how the garage door provides a unique canvas for artists. The illusion of depth and space is what makes these designs unique. Could the next trend be to get the neighbours involved and turn your street into an open-air garage door gallery? We’ll leave that one up to you!


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