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Dummies Guide to Installing a Garage Door

Posted by EasyFit on 29 September 2016

More and more of us are choosing roller garage doors over the more traditional canopy style due to the many advantages this innovative design can bring. They’re ideal for homeowners with short driveways, enabling them to drive right up to the door and ensure they’re car is not blocking the road. They’re also great for improving home insulation, reducing heat loss by up to 90 percent. However, the big question that’s being asked is ‘how easy is it to install a roller garage door?’.

The answer – very easy!
Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to installing a roller garage door:


  • First, begin by loosely fitting the side guides onto each side of the garage opening, ensuring that they’re placed the correct way round (the ‘dog legs’ should be positioned away from the wall).
  • Next, fit the shutter box by sliding it onto the side guides that you’ve just fitted. This will be where the roller garage door retreats into. Use a spirit level to ensure the box is straight.Once you are happy with the position of the side guides and the shutter box, you can begin to fix the side guides onto the wall more tightly, and use fixings to properly secure the shutter box.
  • Locate the control box for the roller garage door and mount it to a suitable location on the wall, bearing in mind that you will also need to connect this box to a convenient power supply.Connect the motor unit (in the shutter box) to the newly mounted control box. You may need to drill an exit hole in the shutter box if your make/model does not come with a pre-drilled hole.
  • Fit the sensor unit to one side of the wall – roughly between 40 and 60 cm from the floor – and fit the reflector on the opposite wall, so that it can ‘see’ the sensor and is properly aligned.Turn the power on and use the remote control to lower the door. You will then be able to fit the roller garage door ‘curtain’ – this will be in the colour and design that you have chosen.
  • Now it’s time for minor tweaks. Determine how fully you wish the door to open and follow the manufacturer’s guide. Be sure to leave around 7 cm of curtain in the side guides at full opening.
  • Finally, your roller garage door should come with an override mechanism that allows you to open and close the door in case of a power outage. Fit this and you’re all done!

Of course, if you’re unsure of how to put these steps into action, or are not confident in your ability to safely install your new roller garage door, it’s best to contact a professional installation team.


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