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DIY Hacks for Summer – Saving Space

Posted by EasyFit on 22 July 2014

There are always additional modifications you can do at home, whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or the garage. But it’s during the Summer that people tend to really get into the DIY spirit and start tinkering with things to make life a little easier. Maybe it’s the weather, longer days and better weather that puts us in a good mood but there is definitely a fascination with modifying our homes and it’s becoming more prominent each year as we strive to become more efficient and less inconvenienced.



Use What You’ve Got

Many people are happy to turn their garage into a living area, or to tinker with different uses for the space and we’ve got some great tips for not only using what you’ve got to create something unique but also to save space and make the most of what’s available to you.


Filing Cabinets

By using a cutting saw, you could potentially use the top or bottom of the cabinet, as well as the back panel to create a worktop. Easy to fit and durable and the chances are a desktop unit will save space over a huge cabinet which takes up physically more floor space.


Pallet Desk

Do you have any pallets lying around? Perhaps you have one stored away since the house builders left it or maybe you’ve just acquired one. Depending on their condition, you could actually create a nifty desk unit out of the pallet. Just pull alternative cross hatches out and attach to a wall. With a bit of superglue, some measured wood pieces and a bit of modification, you could have a fold out desk with character, for just a little DIY effort.


Shovel Organiser

Tools can take up a lot of space and that’s why organisation solutions are great but they can be expensive too. For just a few planks of wood and some superglue you could create your own space-saving unit. Just cut the wood planks into squares or rectangles, glue them to the relevant wall in your garage but place them only inches apart. The gap between needs to be small enough so that the tools will hang upright or upside down, easily. It’s Simple, crude but effective.


Folding Crates – Ceiling Storage

One of the most popular hacks for space-saving is to use every available option and the ceiling is rarely used in a garage (unless you have an automatic door system). You can buy cheap plastic tubs and attach them to the ceiling securely for extra storage. You can go one step further if you are really adventurous and create a track along the ceiling to allow you to slide them off for easier access.


Second Ceiling

How many of us actually use all the space in the garage? There’s plenty of room but we just don’t utilise it properly. If you’re in the mood to do some DIY you can effectively create a second ceiling “loft”. With a good supply of wood you could fix a sectional area under the ceiling which would enable you to then use it as a storage area. It’s out of the way of the car and frees up even more floor space. With secure fittings and strong good quality wood you can use space you weren’t previously able to make the most of.


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