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DIY Or Call In The Pros?

Posted by EasyFit on 24 November 2016

Your property can take a beating during the summer months with the heat and increased presence of friends and family. Now that we’re into the colder months we need to ensure that our homes are in tip top condition to keep us warm over Christmas.
Many home improvement jobs are easy DIY projects; others, not so easy. We look at which projects you can ‘do it yourself and which should be assigned to the relevant professional. Here are our suggestions on which tasks you can go alone and which may need a bit more help!


DIY: If you own a stepladder and consider yourself to have a steady hand, you can tackle most painting jobs. The most important part is the preparation; failing to prepare is preparing to fail! You should tape off around doors & windows etc to avoid covering unrequired areas in paint.

Call a Pro: For structural or water damaged walls, call in a professional. Badly damaged structures may need to be demolished. It’s more than a one man job so avoid trying to Do It Yourself and call in the experts!


DIY: Clean and repair small nicks on the floor yourself. Using a brown crayon is a great way to touch up scratches on wood flooring. Strong adhesive is also a good way to re-stick vinyl flooring that has come away.

Call A Pro: It’s always best to bring in a professional when investing in wood flooring. It can be quite tricky and if done incorrectly can turn into a complete mess! Pre-finished flooring doesn’t require staining or sanding, but getting the panels to line up is a task best left to the professionals!


DIY: With basic levels of DIY expertise, you should be able to wash your windows, repair and replace sills & even treat rotten spots on the frames.

Call A Pro: When replacing entire windows and rebuilding frames, call a professional.


DIY: Re-pointing brickwork is a manageable task if you feel capable to do.

Call A Pro: Building a new stone wall or laying a walkway are jobs for professionals.

Electrical Upgrades

DIY: You can easily replace energy zapping light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs. Plug fuses tend to go at the most inconvenient times, this is another chore that can be undertaken by yourself & doesn’t require a professional.

Call A Pro: For any electrical job that requires direct contact with electricity, such as rewiring and adding additional power to areas of your home where there wasn’t any, call in a professional! If you do decide to tackle these projects yourself, ensure the power is switched off before attempting to carry out the upgrade.


DIY: Simpler tasks include replacing a toilet flapper, fixing a drip by replacing a faucet washer (turn off water supply first), upgrading a showerhead, and unclogging a hair-plugged drain.

Call A Pro: Special skills and tools are required for moving or installing plumbing pipes and fixtures. It can also be extremely costly should any mistakes be made, so we’d really recommend eating on the side of caution where your plumbing is concerned.


DIY: Install a simple backsplash and replace or repair old or gunky grout and cracked tile yourself.

Call A Pro: For big tiling jobs on the walls or floors, hire a professional. Laying out, spacing and attaching tile to floors and walls is harder than it looks, especially when cutting tiles to fit small or unusual spaces.


DIY: Cleaning, sealing, and caulking stone countertops can be carried out on your own. So can sanding a butcher block and fixing small imperfections in laminate counters.

Call A Pro: Hire a professional to fabricate and install stone, composite, stainless steel, and wood counters. This is exacting and heavy work: One slip-up can wreck the counter and cost you big bucks.


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