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Could You Create The Next Google From Your Garage?

Posted by EasyFit on 20 October 2014

It’s amazing to think that not much more than ten years ago, the colossus that now is Google, with its sprawling technology empire that includes AdWords, YouTube and its Android smartphone and tablet operating system, was just starting out in a garage rented from a friend. This exact point was what the current chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, choose to emphasise to listeners at his talk this week in Berlin. He was making this point to underline the fact that Google will inevitability come under new and sterner challenges in the future as new companies aim to take marketshare away from Google in the competitive and highly lucrative tech fields within which they operate. He was also addressing the fact that, within tech, anything is possible and new companies which soon become world-beaters can be created from as humble beginnings as a rented garage. Just like Google did!

Tips For Starting Your Own Business From Your Garage

If after having just been reminded that multi-billion dollar Google was successfully started from a humble garage you feel inspired to follow in their footstep and do the same, then it will serve you well to know that this is a common route for fledgling entrepreneurs to take. After all, it is a route that worked for Amazon, Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Dell! A garage can pretty easily be turned into a free, spacious and extremely convenient to access workspace. Furthermore, it is available without restrictions at any time of the day you wish to get down to work and move forward with your business. That being said, there are a few tips for setting up shop in a garage that can prove helpful in getting your business up and running successfully in super quick time. Here they are!

Tip 1 – Make Sure Your Broadband Is Working As It Should

If you are relying on your home broadband to get online while working on your business in the garage, then it is worth making sure you are getting a strong enough signal to avoid unnecessary slowdowns and drops in connection. With so much business now being done online, even small hiccups with your Internet connection can cost you time and lose you orders. If the signal is any way weak, making a small investment in an Internet signal booster can be more than worth it.

Tip 2 – Get A Coffee Machine

There’s no denying that the vast majority of startups thrive on caffeine to get through the tasks needed to establish successful businesses. One way or another this is normally going to involve the consumption of coffee. Lots of it! If you and everyone else involved in the project are regularly heading out to buy coffee from local cafes and convenience stores, then it is worth buying a coffee as it will save a lot of time and money.

Tip 3 – Save On Tables and Spend On Chairs

When purchasing furniture for your garage, the one area which can’t be skimped on is chairs. Sitting for hours on end at an uncomfortable chair can be disastrous for your health and productivity. In the beginning, by all means save money on tables for computers, holding meetings and laptops. However, never buy cheap chairs if you want to comfortably and healthily create a successful business from your garage!


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