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How To Make Your Garage Door A Christmas Garage Door!

Posted by Tracey on 28 November 2018

There’s nothing that says Christmas more than the decorations going up. Not just inside the home, but outside too! With twinkling lights, huge plastic Santas and seasonal wreaths going up, the real question is: what’s going on the garage door? Be the talk of your cul-de-sac with these simple and fun decorating ideas for your garage door this holiday. Whether yours is a roller or sectional, here are our top 4 DIY garage door decorations to make your door a Christmas garage door!

Christmas Garage Door Lights


An easy idea for decorating your garage door would be by using Christmas lights. If you have any that didn’t make it to the tree or around the house, you can always use them to create your Christmas garage door. You simply hang them in lines or instead create a festive design to feature on your garage door to twinkle and brighten up the neighbourhood. But always remember to check that the lights are suitable for outdoor use before creating your masterpiece!


Christmas Garage Door BannersBanners & Murals

If you have an artistic side, you can show it off to the neighbours in a grand way! You don’t necessarily have to paint your garage door, rather paint your mural on a blank canvas or sheet and display it there. Your Christmas garage door doesn’t even need to be overtly Christmassy, but can have a winter theme and setting to bring in the festive season. Or you could even consider a 3D banner if you don’t have time to paint a festive mural – it’s just as pretty.


Christmas Garage Door ProjectorProjector

If you’re looking to show off to the neighbours, and want a high-tech-dec, You could always invest in a projector! As the days are shorter, you can use your garage door as the perfect screen for your festive projection. Depending on your choice of image or video, this decoration could truly have people stopping to stare, giving your home the wow factor! It also saves you from making any cosmetic changes on your garage door and you could make use of the projector all year round.


Christmas Garage Door ChristmasStickers, magnets & more!

If you don’t want to go all out on big decorations, you can instead buy some decorative Christmas stickers or magnets and put those on display. You can even spell out holiday greetings or personalised messages to family or neighbours. Although the decorations themselves are small in size, the personal touch will bring even more festive cheer.
Bring Christmas joy to your street by decorating your garage door and getting your household in the festive mood. But remember, if you do, we would love to see your decorations! Please send your pictures, and any other questions you may have to



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