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Business Owner Opens Tattoo Parlour Garage

Posted by EasyFit on 15 April 2014

Here at Easy Fit we were interested to read a story involving an American business owner’s battle to open a tattoo parlour from his garage. According to Ohio newspaper the Columbus Dispatch, neighbours had a problem with the unconventional proposal, but were eventually overruled by the local board.

Eric Waterfield, from Delaware County, used to own a tattoo parlour in the city, but the rising cost of rent pushed him to start looking for a cheaper option, so he filed for an application to run the business from the home he shares with his father, Robert. The new offering will include more than just body art – the pragmatic business owner, who has a degree in computer science, will also offer PC repairs and sell homemade designs from his garage setting.

Until recently, the Waterfields lived in a quiet neighbourhood, but when the land behind their home was sold to make way for new housing, some of the buyers were unhappy with the idea of having a garage tattoo parlour on their doorsteps. Around 10 local residents made their objections known to the local Zoning Appeals board, concerned that the new business would bring traffic and noise to the neighbourhood and even devalue their property. One person is quoted to have said the business ‘would not be in harmony with the country appeal’ of the area – apparently convinced that nobody in the countryside could possibly want a tattoo!

Fortunately for Eric and his father, the board found no reason to turn down his filing, and their business will open its doors to the public in the near future.

We are always interested in the unique and creative uses people find for their garage and tattoo parlour is one of the best we’ve heard in a while. Can you do better? Comment below – we’d love to hear your stories!


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