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Bonfire Night Security Tips

Posted by EasyFit on 25 October 2013

Have you got any plans for bonfire night? Of course you have! With Diwali on November 3rd and Guy Fawkes night on the 5th, the first week of November will be filled with celebration, with public and private displays happening up and down the country.

But while most view November 5th as a chance to wrap up warm and marvel at the fireworks, burglars see it as the ultimate distraction. Fireworks night is the busiest night of the year for break-ins and burglaries, with insurance claims for stolen goods rising by 25% compared to normal during the first week of November.

Homes are empty, or families are gathered in their back garden to set off their own fireworks, leaving the house venerable to attack.

Taking a few extra minutes to secure your home will make all the difference. Don’t let criminals put a dampener on your night!

A secure and visible alarm system will ensure that most burglars avoid your property, but a third of homes with alarms don’t actually activate them! If you have the technology, use it this bonfire night and make sure your home is as secure as possible.

If you want to give the illusion that your home is occupied, purchase a light timer that will turn your lights on at certain pre-set times to make sure your house looks busy. These timers are useful for people who work late nights or leave their home a lot in the evenings (such as for a bonfire night celebration!) Lights often spook potential robbers and put them off from approaching your home.

If you are going out on bonfire night, avoid telling the world on social media. Public forums such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are a burglar’s dream. If you really want to share that picture of you toasting marshmallows on the bonfire, wait until you get home.

You may be excited to get out there and have some fun, but take a couple of minutes to secure every door and window in your house, including your garage door. Most burglaries are through an open or unsecured window. Even if you are in your back garden this November, make sure your front door is secure and windows are completely locked.

If you have a spare key for the back door, don’t hide it under the doormat, under a flowerpot or on the ledge above the door – these are all classic, clichéd ‘hiding’ places that everyone knows, especially criminals.

With these simple and cost effective tips, you can have a great time this bonfire night with the peace of mind that your house is safe and secure!


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