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Bodyslamming Craze – Will Garage Doors Survive?

Posted by EasyFit on 10 July 2014

It seems in this day and age trends can come out of literally nowhere, with the strangest things piquing people’s interest. This certainly seems to be the case with “bodyslamming”, the latest up-and-coming craze which has originated in Elk Grove, a small Californian town. “Bodyslamming” seems to be the act of throwing yourself at a garage door for entertainment. Think Jackass, but on an even lower budget, as the perpetrators of the initial incident seem to be a couple of teenagers.

The video on You Tube sparked concern and those teenagers could well be facing vandalism charges.Although they might find it funny, there is of course the concern that residents are the ones who are suffering and having to pay out costs for damage. Luckily this is a small craze in the US, confined to a few states at the moment but we certainly wouldn’t like to see this in the UK. Vandalism and anti-social behaviour is bad enough without this kind of thing being labelled as “fun” but another concern are the health implications.

Obviously, throwing yourself against a garage door isn’t harmless like many other popular crazes and it could have severe implications. Head injuries, bruising, broken bones; these are all potential results from repeating this crazy habit. As an experienced supplier of garage doors we understand that although they are built to last, they are not designed to absorb persistent heavy impacts, no matter what design they are. Mechanisms for automated garages could be damaged with significant force and of course even standard doors on an up-and-over hinge would be susceptible too, as well as the paint job being damaged on the outside.

So watch out for jumping jacks at your garage door. Let’s hope this particular trend doesn’t turn into a popular exercise.


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