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Automatic Garage Doors: Convenience Or Security?

Posted by EasyFit on 15 May 2014

We all take garage doors for granted as safe, secure and impenetrable and in most cases that is true. However, automatic garage doors can open up security holes which, as long as you are aware of them you can be vigilant and combat against those taking advantage of them.

Our reliance on automatic appliances has reached a new level, with everything from TVs to electronic tablets, and mobile phones to kitchen appliance timers, we are dependent on a lot of things just working by themselves and functioning in certain ways, automatically. When it comes to your home though, we recommend being extra vigilant especially when it comes to security and front doors, garage doors and windows.

Beware of Invasion

  • One of the biggest security risks with automated garage doors is that they are operated by remote control. Aside from the risk of carrying the remote in the car so that upon your return you can open up automatically (if the car was stolen you would be in a pickle indeed), there are now ways for thieves to duplicate the auto-signal code for the GDO (garage door opener). You can combat this by using a rolling code system, where you are not using the same static code all the time. This will prevent Code-grabbing thieves! Why make it easy for them? Treat it the same as you would a password, except with this you need to be changing it regularly.
  • Automated systems can be tricked and manually pulled open with enough force and if Burglars should choose to “Corner-pull”, then within seconds your garage will be open for viewing. The best solution is to switch to a sectional garage door, as opposed to the open-up style doors which open outwards. They won’t be able to lift a clamped and locked sectional door (unless they have a forklift truck, perhaps).
  • You could also disable the emergency release lever in order to stop people from using the coat-hanger trick (sticking a coat hanger through the top of the door and catching the cord release) and opening your door. If your door is only solely reliant on the automated system though, you may want to consider other precautions such as anti-theft deterrents. Installing exterior lights over your garage door is an effective way of protecting your property but also, putting signs up stating you are using “anti-climb” paint. It’s unusual admittedly but it means they won’t want to touch the door as they’ll think it’s coated in the paint mix that won’t wash out and that is a sure-sign you’ve been up to no good.
You can also put up fake dummy-cameras as an extra precaution. They are relatively cheap and actually look like the real thing. With security cameras and external lights, you wouldn’t need to worry about a break in through the garage even if they could trick the door open.
We believe in providing great solutions for homes and businesses but also in advising in effective security measures for your property. Garage doors are our speciality but we know the security risks that automated systems can potentially bring so it’s important to treat your garage door with the same approach as you would any other entrance to your home.


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