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5 Extreme Home-Made Security Devices

Posted by EasyFit on 27 August 2014

In this day and age we can buy all sorts of security systems to protect our homes and this choice ranges from wireless devices to monitor your home and remote garage door openers (to avoid key locks), to light and motion sensors which will alert you to intruders in your home, via your mobile phone. Some say we’re too paranoid nowadays, with too much reliance on technology and that that very same tech can be used against you. We think there are some great solutions for protecting your home but that if you wanted to implement extreme measures, with today’s technology, you can.

5. Automatic Light Switch Module

It’s well-reported that criminals who pre-plan “jobs” look for signs of movement and activity in the house they are targeting. When you leave for the evening or go out, you can use timer switches which will turn lights on and off at various intervals in order to deter criminals and wannabe-burglars from attempting a break-in.

4. Motion Detecting DIY

If you are handy with a soldering iron and have a few minutes, you can actually use the Aduino-based project (using Arduino circuit boards) to protect your home or even individual items. You can attach this “hack” alarm to any item and if it moves, it can send an email or text message using either dedicated app software such as SecureHome for the Mac, or direct to your phone.


3. Laser Wire Trip Alarms

Ever fancied creating a Mission Impossible-style laser security system? Well, the best you will probably be able to get without spending a fortune, is to use a DIY laser kit online and a soldering iron to create a simple tripwire system across the door you want to protect. You can even hook it up to a loud alarm if you really want to make a noise and bust that wannabe-thief.


2. Built in Gun Wall

This has actually been stopped from sale in the US due to its dangerous implications and its high price tag. Originally designed for a Billionaire, it’s a shotgun rig built into the décor and architecture where the weapon can deliver 15 powerful shots when activated. Of course this is one of the most extreme security measures ever designed and surely, only an eccentric person would have this actually in their home? 


1. Mind Controlled Spy Dog

Some people buy a pet as an extra security measure (as well as having a bit of company!) but this latest invention by a programmer, Robert Oschler, is truly innovative. He modified a Rovio robot with a camera and microphone to enable him to control the robot remotely and move him around the house. He can shout at intruders and give verbal warnings as well, through the mounted speakers. Admittedly, the intruder could just stomp on the device but by then it’s captured an image and sent it to your email account or your phone. Clever stuff and definitely one of the most extreme methods we’ve ever seen.


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